Yunnan Companies Complete $580M in International Transfers Using Blockchain: Report

Local companies have transferred $580 million across international borders using a blockchain-based platform developed by authorities in the Chinese province of Yunnan, state-owned newspaper Spring City Evening News reported today.

  • As of June, 208 companies had used the platform for 638 transactions, the newspaper said.
  • The system, launched in December, helps export-oriented firms in Yunnan cut red tape, reducing the time needed for international money transfers to 15 minutes from as long as two days, the report said.
  • The project started in June 2020 and was developed by the local branch of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange.
  • In addition to being efficient for companies, the platform helps local authorities monitor transactions and implement regulations, the report said.
  • China’s central government wants to boost blockchain innovation in the country, particularly with regards to applications that make government more efficient.
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CORRECTION (JULY 30, 12:15 UTC): Corrects value of transfers to $580 million from $508 million.