When your greater energy PU topic are aggressive, simply because all of them being a greater power

When your greater energy PU topic are aggressive, simply because all of them being a greater power

20. Better vitality whom end up being (PU)topic are nevertheless aggressive to their overlord, unless overlord manages to get +200 relation together. This getting ‘hostile’ doesn’t mean they state versatility in the future. You to definitely depends on the army rating instead of your personal and their independence desire. You can down window of opportunity for independence wars when you are within combat always and you can let your PU armies carry out the fight. Fool around with 1k army regarding your self, set sufferers to “supporting, and click mount on that 1k soldiers to the. The latest PU armies usually attach, and you will following flow the brand new PU army one to province an excellent for you personally to for which you want them. If you don’t, they could flee a state in which it rating attrition in the. Keep the PU topic manpower pool reasonable and their standing army lowest, end up being at the battle constantly and has actually lower chance of liberty battles.

If you find yourself fighting this new ‘Claim throne’ war (exact same dynasty however, no heir eg -> Allege throne and begin war) regardless of whether the prospective Country gets yet another heir

Its an identical auto mechanic as with vassals, that have You to exclusion: PU victims view their fuel instead of overlord whenever evaluating if they winnings instead of the overlord. Vassals grab the shared power into consideration. If you see PU subjects allying, its because their liberty desire is perhaps all highest. Pu sufferers will never ally with vassal victims. Anytime Naples and you can Aragon are PU sufferers of Castile, and something of these two declares with the overlord, then the most other commonly get in on the battle. One another becomes another type of queen. You could potentially stop such as for instance conflicts constantly by being during the battle constantly, since it provides sufferers -fifty extra so you’re able to declare versatility if you’re in the combat.

twenty-two .In the event that a small PU topic declares liberty combat: when you get light tranquility or better (aka you don’t have to provide one thing) the country claiming independence only will become a minor PU subject once again after they take on the brand new comfort bargain, and fifty seasons integration timer try reset.

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You might avoid conflicts in this way when you use piles from slight PU at the mercy of win your wars. In the event the the manpower and you will most recent position armed forces try reduced, as they are during the conflict always, they will certainly rarely state liberty. Even France would not.

Both regions should have sufficient advice along. Brand new MTTH of the begin try five hundred days. A holiday in greece could possibly get a good Relationship more Spain by doing this, Otherwise Styria may an excellent Relationship more than Austria.

Both rulers must be anywhere between 16 and 40, the two places involved need to be natives, one another nations should have zero heirs, one another rulers must be various sex and start to become often of the identical dynasty or in the same people category

24. Contradiction nerfed push PU battle and you may getting in touch with various other countries in order to help They additional a unique malus very not one person have a tendency to sign up, due to the fact I suppose it makes no experience that allies of yours assist to leave you a different (big) subject. Well no body. I would personally need certainly to lookup it up, however, I believe their very unrealistic for somebody to participate. Perhaps if they’re rivals they may still do it. But I wouldn’t count on they. Best way discover PU sufferers has started to become form France, The united kingdomt otherwise anyone who is imply and huge armed forces once the Competition, and you can hope they rival your right back. And then vow they offer series wars. Or claiming throne off same dynasty heirless nation, and you will in hopes its king dies heirless. Which can supply the PU free of charge also most of the time.