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WebDAO comes from Web3.0.

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The core elements of Web3.0 are mainly blockchain, encrypted assets, smart contracts and Oracle machines, which are considered as bridges and windows for data on and off the chain. In short, Oracle is a middleware that provides real-world data services for blockchain projects. To fully realize its potential, smart contracts must be able to interact with data and systems outside the blockchain network. The Oracle can connect the blockchain to data and systems in the real world, and provide key infrastructure to create an interoperable and unified Web3.0 ecosystem.

StarLink is a basic protocol that relies on WebDAO, combines the aggregation ecology of various elements such as DeFi, NFT and Gamefi, looks forward to the future Web3.0 system, delivers future value, and provides aggregated liquidity for the trading market.

StarLink decentralized multi chain prediction function provides trusted, reliable and customizable offline data for smart contracts and Dapps. As an interface for data interaction between blockchain and the real world, it can be widely used in various fields of blockchain ecology. In the future, StarLink will support public chains such as ETH, BSC, HECO and Polkadot. By connecting real-world data and blockchain systems, it will promote the development of rich formats such as lending, asset synthesis and forecast market.

The Oracle is an interface for data interaction between the blockchain and the real world, which is equivalent to a third-party data agent in the blockchain world. If there is no Oracle, it will be impossible to realize the transmission of information, and the large-scale integration and application of blockchain and the real world will be impossible. Oracle is an indispensable Middleware in the blockchain field, and is the “intermediary” between a large number of blockchain smart contracts and the real world data.


The working principle of WebDAO mainly includes economic models, mortgage assets, verification systems, reputation systems, authentication systems, trusted hardware and other ways to ensure the security of data. After the aggregation and processing of Oracle machines, the data can be used by the blockchain and is meaningful.

WebDAO innovates the DAO governance model and combines the decentralization and autonomy within the DAO. All members holding WDAO are members of the DAO, participating in the decision-making within the DAO and sharing the development within the DAO. The initiators and preachers have become the core of WDAO ecological development, and won WDAO rewards through contribution value algorithm to promote the healthy and sustainable development of WDAO ecology.

WebDAO focuses on building a decentralized super aggregation network, reviewing the height of technological innovation, measuring the potential of decentralized economic governance model, driving defi to innovate finance, building a Web3.0 super value network, and providing efficient, convenient and circular value-added benefits for all participants in WebDAO ecological construction.

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