Web3.0–LINK RUN makes sports fun and creates a new era of sports diversity

The LINK RUN platform is a community sharing sports platform that encourages more people around the world to participate in sports, exercise happily, and earn money while playing.

Jointly invested by world-renowned investment institutions Fidelity Capital and MI Foundation, the total investment scale is nearly 15 million US dollars. The number of registered users of the “LINK RUN” platform has reached 6 million worldwide, and the market potential is huge. LINK RUN combines the current sports + consumption + Web3.0 + finance + social ecosystem, aiming to provide sports incentives, social interest and links to global sports venues, and at the same time, it can motivate and attract global users to participate in more sports and maintain a healthy lifestyle. into exercise habits. We encourage everyone to become a better version of themselves through exercise, and to live a more free and healthy life with a self-disciplined attitude towards life. Let LINK RUN become a warm and happy fitness guide!

The platform mainly involves industries such as leisure sports, rigid demand consumption, social networking, etc. The bottom layer is based on blockchain game technology, rewarding sports beans through user movement, and establishing global consumption application scenarios through sports beans, earning global consumption + social profits at the same time , and reward the profits to global sports users in the form of sports beans to achieve the effect of motivating users to continue to exercise.

LINK RUN integrates Web.3 and Metaverse related technologies into the traditional sports industry. It not only pays attention to Metaverse and VR technology, but also focuses on the immersive quality of online fitness. The huge wealth brought by commercial integration, and the healthy body brought by sports and fitness.

In July 2023, the LINKRUN ecosystem will be presented to global users with a new look!

LINK RUN truly makes exercise a pleasure! Open a new era of sports diversity!

🌐LinkRun official website: https://linkrun.info

📞 Telegram: https://t.me/LinkRun_us

💠Twitter: https://twitter.com/LINKRUN_US