Very cool! Animated short film ‘Miracle’ registered on the Nasdaq screen,spreading Chinese voice to the world

Co-produced by Shaanxi Travel Group Silk Road Happy World and the Oscar-nominated team Taikong Animation,the original IP animation short film ‘Miracle’ landed on the Nasdaq screen in Times Square,New York,USA.Successfully spread the voice of China to the world and demonstrated China’s Silk Road spirit to the world.


Appearing in Times Square to tell the story of China

The Nasdaq large screen at the northwest corner of Times Square in New York has become an important witness for many well-known brands to enter the world stage.The Nasdaq screen is one of the most iconic attractions in New York,with a huge flow of 1.5 million people from all over the world every day. The Nasdaq advertising screen is recognized as the most powerful digital display in the world.Here,it was once a window for the country to go to the world.In 2011,the‘Chinese National Image Propaganda Film’was unveiled here to introduce the Chinese dream to the world.This is also the starting point for giants to go global.Baidu,Alibaba,,Gree,Moutai and Wuliangye have all demonstrated their brand strength to the world here.The registration of the‘Miracle’animated short film on the Nasdaq screen created a foundation for the creation of IP for the Silk Road Joy World,which embodies the Silk Road spirit of exploration and innovation and the values of life by me,dare to think and do,and be brave to create miracles.In order to tell the Chinese story well,it played an active role in spreading the voice of China.


‘Miracle Exploration’Crossing the Silk Road

The animated short film‘Miracle’tells the story of the trio of grandparents and grandchildren who embarked on a miraculous journey across the Silk Road because of a small accident.Skima’ is the protagonist of the story.He and his smart and cute sisterLingmi’are visiting grandma’s house.Their grandma is a science expert.Grandma is debugging an aircraft that can travel through time and space. In order to help grandma also debug,the three of them accidentally crossed to another space and met a group of animal friends on the way.The Four Treasures of the Qinling Mountains’,an expedition on the Silk Road begins!

Exploring the innovative Silk Road spirit is just a bold attempt that has the opportunity to create miracles. Cultivating a pioneering and innovative spirit for our next generation is also a concept advocated by Silk Road Joy World since the beginning of its development. Ordinary children’s attitude oflife is up to me,let go’,grandma’s excellence has nothing to do with age,true bravery is dare to think and dare to do free and easy,it is the important reason why this animated short film can be shared by parents and children, and suitable for all ages.Not only must there be a wonderful plot with a sense of substitution,but also arouse audience’s thinking about self-growth and parent-child education.


Silk Road connects the world, you and I grow together

The Silk Road was an ancient land-based commercial trade route that started in ancient China and connected Asia, Africa and Europe.The original role was to transport silk,porcelain and other commodities produced in ancient China.Later,it became an economic and political route between the East and the West.The main way for exchanges in many aspects such as,culture,etc.

In 2013,China put forward the cooperation initiative to build the‘New Silk Road Economic Belt’and the‘21st Century Maritime Silk Road’.In order to actively implement the‘One Belt and One Road’initiative, Shaanxi Tourism Group joined hands with the Fengxi New Town Management Committee in 2015.Invest in the development of the‘Silk Road Customs City’.The Silk Road Happy World in the ‘Miracle’animation is the core project of the Silk Road Customs City,with a total investment of 3.6 billion yuan, covering an area of 567 acres,with‘Silk Road,Fun, Technology’as the core and‘open block’As a spatial form, the‘six major systems’are used to build a business combination,and seven open-themed blocks with silk road styles are planned and laid out.Advocating the concept of‘36-hour micro-vacation’,opening the era of micro-vacation of‘time-space integration and tailoring to individual conditions’,creating themed customized and segmented tourism products,combining time,space,and consumer groups to create a new experience of cultural, business travel and fun.


The animated short film‘Miracle’,as the core component of the Silk Road Fun World IP system,uses well-produced animated short films as the carrier to launch the IP image of the grandparents and the Qinling Four Treasures designed by the first-line designers of Disney to enrich the tourists.While experiencing,realize the IP operation of the whole industry chain.

The appearance of New York Times Square this time is also the first wonderful appearance of Silk Road Joy World in the global financial and commercial center.The promotion and promotion of‘The World’s No.1 Screen’ is an important step for Silk Road Joy World to move towards the international stage.