Understand TAKE OFF in one article: The world’s first Turing complete protocol defi+nft decentralized trading platform

Blockchain technology is regarded as the next generation of value Internet. It was once considered the best choice for “anonymity/privacy protection”, which can store personal wealth with confidence. However, with the development of the industry, although the blockchain system supporting smart contracts is powerful and expressive, the current implementation of these technologies lacks transaction privacy protection.

TAKE OFF, as the world’s first smart contract DEFI+NFT+DAO decentralized trading platform with Turing complete privacy protection, truly runs on the anonymous blockchain system, greatly expanding the industry’s understanding of blockchain systems. Application areas.


TAKE OFF was initiated by Ovedo Igratiyev of Russia. The Kuhn Foundation led the investment and brought together global investment banking elites. The financial industry leaders are IT technology giants and blockchain giants with non-interactive zero-knowledge proof (NIZK ) And Turing Complete Agreement, 100% decentralized open source agreement, to create the world’s first smart contract DEFI+NFT+DAO decentralized trading platform with Turing complete privacy protection.


TAKE OFF hopes to use DEX as the core to create a fully decentralized exchange ecological alliance that includes oracles, NFTs, liquidity work certification, lending, insurance and other ecology. In the TAKE OFF Ecological Alliance, all blockchain developers can use the TAKE OFF universal development protocol, and can also quickly build and combine any form of distributed applications (Dapps), with unparalleled advantages and good experience.

Features of TAKE OFF decentralized exchange

TAKE OFF is a smart contract DEFI+NFT+DAO decentralized trading platform with DEX as the core. Therefore, it has the following characteristics:

1. Fully wound up

The user’s assets are hosted in the TAKE OFF smart contract, no individual or organization can easily steal or misappropriate, and the user’s withdrawal is not subject to any artificial restrictions. The order matching logic is also restricted by smart contracts, making cheating behaviors such as “front running” impossible.

2. Never interrupt

At any time, there will be nodes available online to provide services to ensure that transaction matching and asset settlement will never be interrupted. In extreme cases, users can also choose to run a blockchain node by themselves to complete interrupted transactions and safely transfer assets to their wallets.

3. Safe and reliable

Assets are controlled by users themselves through private keys, and no one can embezzle users’ assets on the exchange. The exchange fee dividend will be realized on the chain through the smart contract of TAKE OFF, so as to ensure that the results are completely public and the incentive rules cannot be tampered with.

4. No registration required

No complicated registration and KYC procedures are required before the transaction.

5. Powerful performance

The TAKE OFF decentralized exchange has basic capabilities such as high throughput, second-level confirmation, no gas fee, multi-token model, and cross-chain.

6. High scalability

The TAKE OFF decentralized exchange is completely open source and free. Anyone can use it to “open their own decentralized exchange”, just as easy as opening a store on Taobao. TAKE OFF provides a complete set of infrastructure required to operate a decentralized exchange, including smart contracts, websites, APIs, SDKs, etc.

Take off advantage highlights

1. Non-interactive zero-knowledge proof (NIZK)

Non-Interactive Zero Knowledge Proof, English is Non-Interactive Zero Knowledge, or NIZK for short. It means that the entire certificate is encoded as a “string”, which can be written on a piece of paper and sent to any verifier at will via emails, chat tools, etc. The string can even be placed on Github for everyone to download at any time verification.

In the blockchain world, “NIZK” can be used as part of the consensus protocol. Because a transaction requires multiple miners to verify. Imagine that if the sender of the transaction and each miner have to interact and let the miners challenge, then the consensus process will be extremely slow. Non-interactive zero-knowledge proofs can be directly broadcast to all miner nodes, allowing them to verify themselves. Not only makes the verification process very fast, but also is verified by multiple miners at the same time, so there are a lot of distributed trusted third parties, which ensures that the proof is safe and decentralized.

2. Turing complete protocol

The core of the Turing complete protocol is to be carried on a brand new scalable smart contract platform. The consensus topology of the protocol is unique because it does not rely on economic incentives that affect high-value and high-risk use cases, while also achieving safety.

3. 100% decentralized open source agreement

The fairness and justice of the contract code rules can be verified by accepting the public audit of 100% open source code by anyone.

The decentralized contract source code effectively prevents imitators from cloning, and at the same time can prove the fairness and justice of the contract code rules. Such a verification method depends on trusting the credibility audit institution. The code of the decentralized contract is audited by the world’s top auditing company and an audit report is issued, and the content of the audit report is published on the official website.

Therefore, TAKE OFF adopts a 100% decentralized open source protocol to effectively avoid cloning, is fair and impartial, and has the authority of public audit.

4. NFT-DAO underlying governance structure

NFT is a non-homogeneous token, representing a unique asset with unique value and irreplaceable value. DAO is a public organization whose decisions are made digitally by codes voted by its members, which is more impartial.

TAKE OFF is based on NFT-DAO as the underlying governance structure, then the TAKE OFF decentralized smart contract system enables the community to be fully autonomous and collectively voted by users, including contract code upgrades and modification logic. New rules must be implemented after system users’ accounts vote. . There is no possibility of black-box operation, and it is more open, fair and transparent.


TAKE OFF will carry the financial system of each user, and store user assets and information safely and stably. And through the TAKE OFF underlying technology to realize a global digital financial intercommunication network, to realize financial freedom and internet freedom. In the future, various financial application scenarios will be built based on the TAKE OFF platform to support millions of transaction needs, while achieving a full financial coverage platform. Based on the principle of openness, a developer community will be established to allow more users and enterprises to participate in the ecological construction of TAKE OFF. . Break through the limitations of the traditional centralized digital financial system and achieve the goal of decentralization without borders.

TAKE OFF is committed to providing a safe, convenient and efficient distributed digital financial platform for global users, breaking the barriers between digital finance and physical finance, so that every user in the world can have their own customized digital financial services, and promote the development of science and technology. .