UltronGlow debuts on Nasdaq, confronting the times with the power of consensus

The Metaverse Century in which reality and virtual coexist is coming. As a major revolution that will affect human existence and way of life in the future, the Metaverse has brought us unlimited imagination. Behind the change, people have begun to work on building an application environment that makes the metaverse more smoothly; and all this seems to be inseparable from the extremely high availability and openness brought by blockchain, edge computing and fragmented storage.


As a decentralized and open source public blockchain platform, UltronGlow has massive edge server devices and open infrastructure platforms all over the world. How will it become the best carrying facility for the Metaverse? But first, we need to understand what distributed edge computing and fragmented storage networks are in order to further understand the revolutionary innovation triggered by UltronGlow.

Distributed Edge Computing

Edge computing is a comprehensive platform that is close to data sources and users and provides a comprehensive platform that integrates core functions such as network, computing, storage, and applications, and can meet the needs of real-time services, intelligent applications, and data protection. Distributed edge computing relies on server nodes all over the world to provide effective data and cloud processing services for data sources with lower distances.

Fragmented storage network

UTG’s fragmented storage network is a unique distributed and fragmented dynamic data storage network. A public storage network is constructed by global users contributing idle user storage space. Any user who contributes storage space or uses storage space can Give back to users and promote the development of the network through economic incentives.

UTG is positioned as a “blockchain platform for distributed edge computing and fragmented storage applications”, which integrates and proposes the goal of building distributed edge computing and fragmented storage that can truly integrate virtual world and real world business. And UTG has a large number of edge server node devices, storage resources and edge computing capabilities all over the world to support the entire UltronGlow blockchain network.

On the occasion of the Chinese New Year in 2021 and 2022, UTG presented Chinese New Year wishes to Chinese people around the world on the Nasdaq screen in Times Square, New York, USA.

Nasdaq Plaza, known as the “world’s first screen”, is where the world’s top companies compete to show their strength. UTG declares to the world that “the starting point of a new era is here, and UTG will build a new digital future. ”, and is determined to realize the architecture construction of the node network for thousands of households in the near future.