TORO network upgrade, token split prices skyrocketed a hundred times

In order to better the feasibility development and expand the application landing needs, TORO public chain on May 29, 2021 15: 30 for a comprehensive system upgrade. This major upgrade to the TORO public chain token issuance mechanism for a comprehensive adjustment, the total issuance of 10 times deflation. Simultaneous deflation mapping of mining output and assets in the original chain was completed on June 3.

2021-06-04 19:49:45.212000

Split day, TORO market performance bright, the price skyrocketed. From the split before 0.35u directly rushed to the highest $9, to achieve a 25-fold surge. Although Chong Gao subsequently dropped, but still stable at about 17 times the rise, performance is worth looking forward to.

2021-06-04 19:56:56.770000
TORO network this comprehensive upgrade drive currency prices to achieve soaring, caused the market’s attention, we believe in the future will help its ecology continue to expand rapidly, toward another subversion!