They get quickly bored after dating a person for a while

They get quickly bored after dating a person <a href="">miksi valkoiset urokset, kuten Ukraina-naaraat</a> for a while

Cheating involves a considerable risk of discovery. Serial cheaters take this risk because they enjoy taking risks and living on the slippery slope. They are adrenaline bling, risky financial decisions, and driving above the speed limit. All adrenaline junkies may not be cheaters, but it is best to keep your eyes open if you are dating a compulsive thrill-seeker.

18. They strive to look good

Whether it’s a large event or a trip to a grocery store, serial cheaters always try to look their best. They groom themselves to perfection when they go out in public places. You will find them staring into the mirror, hoping to impress their new prospect. They think they can attract and earn the appreciation of the opposite sex with their good appearance. Although everyone wants to look great, if your partner is obsessed with their appearance, it can be added to the other warning signs.

19. They are always unsatisfied

Compulsive cheaters are never satisfied with life. They are continually striving for something more and something different. Even if they have everything, they seek a better car, more money, bigger houses, more praise, higher success, or fame. You may shower them with love and attention, but they always desire more. Serial cheaters often seek validation to boost their ego. Even if their partner gives them constant happiness, they will seek more from other sources as it is never enough. They are often discontent and unhappy with what they have or don’t have.

20. They don’t like being alone

Serial cheaters are social creatures who want to be surrounded by people. They need admiration and devotion to feel good. Loneliness is their greatest enemy, so they keep jumping from one relationship to another. They want to avoid facing their insecurity and the hurt caused by reckless behavior. If your partner mostly avoids being alone by flitting between relationships, it is a huge red flag.

21. They have cheated before

You must have heard the saying, “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” Research has shown that those who cheated before are three times more likely to cheat again (1). If your partner has cheated in the past, there is a chance that he or she might cheat again. They may swear that they are not deceivers, but see if their words translate into action. Do they feel guilty about what they do? Do they take responsibility for their actions? Is there any improvement in their behavior? If the answer to these questions is no, they will likely do it again.

Frequently Asked Questions

There isn’t a specific personality style for serial cheaters. However, it’s considered that certain personality types, such as narcissists and sociopaths, are more likely to be serial cheaters.

A serial cheater cheats repeatedly and usually feels no remorse. They lack the motivation to change themselves or understand their flaws. Hence, the prospects of a serial cheater changing are low.

There’s no one reason why people cheat. Some may cheat due to the feeling of disconnection with their partner, difficulty committing to one person, or unmet sexual desires. On the other hand, some may cheat because of low self-esteem or a desire to get revenge on their partner. Thus, the reason why a person cheats varies from one person to another and is often situational.

If you discover your partner’s been cheating a lot, it is painful and not acceptable. First off, do not take the blame, this is not on you. Take a moment to process your feelings and figure out what you truly want. If you are up for it, have an honest conversation with your partner. Share your emotions and listen to what they have got to say. But if this cheating is a recurring deal and hurts you, it is okay to think about moving on. You deserve a relationship where you feel valued. Reach out to friends or family for support, and do not hesitate to seek professional advice if needed. Remember, your well-being comes first.