The new generation of anonymous public chain AYS will upgrade the mainnet to conform to ecological development

Anonymous Network (AYS for short) is invested by Caesars Palace Group. It aims to create an anonymous network with super performance through the latest cryptographic algorithms to ensure the security of global user asset transactions, expandability, high efficiency and compatibility, and is online entertainment and anonymous Payment, anonymous browsing, privacy management, supply chain system, medical field, and anonymous NFT and other related applications derived from any anonymous business provide a decentralized blockchain anonymous network platform.
AYS is an anonymous platform: AYS plans to create a platform with complete privacy and free distribution of personal assets. On AYS, users can publish anonymous digital assets on their own, and can be used in related applications, truly using privacy technology to protect the security and rapid circulation of anonymous digital assets. In order to achieve this goal, AYS has created a personal privacy library called AYS Shadow, which uses the Zerocoin privacy certification mechanism and matches the one-time integrated Zerocoin address.
Not only that, AYS also combines with the Tor network, using its OBFS4 bridging and communication technology to provide the most comprehensive privacy protection; AYS’s perfect anonymity is perfectly integrated into the NFT, making it possible to identify NFT’s collections, game props, artwork, etc. During the transaction, the privacy of the individuals involved in the transaction has been effectively protected. Using blockchain technology, NFT can be “cast” to record the digital ownership of basic physical or digital assets and constitute a unique certificate of authenticity. As a work of art, NFT stands for the unique ownership certificate of digital assets.
Anonymous Network has obtained the capital blessing of Caesars Palace, Paris Las Vegas, Borgata, Foxwoods Resort, Mandalay Bay and other entertainment city capitals and reached strategic cooperation. In order to protect customer privacy, it will use Anonymous Network online entertainment application and AYS for payment.
The global online entertainment market has huge demand. In order to meet the global circulation and attract more developers to the AYS chain for application development, using AYS online payment, AYS will upgrade the main network and change the total supply of AYS tokens.
The upgrade content is as follows:
1. The total amount of AYS increased from 87.68 million to 876.8 million, an increase of 10 times;
2. The distribution of AYS has not changed, and no user operation is required. Through smart contract execution, AYS holders still have the same network share as before the change;
3. The precision of AYS will be changed from 18 decimal places to 17 decimal places. The advantage of this change is to avoid using too many decimal places and simplify the calculation system of AYS.
It is expected that this upgrade will be completed in mid-May, and global token sales will be opened simultaneously on the official website. After this subscription is completed, AYS will land on the world’s well-known trading platform in the Q2 quarter of 2021.
Anonymous Network will establish 144 super nodes around the world to form a distributed community, and realize future platform ecological construction and community promotion through community autonomy and community voting. AYS will serve as an online payment tool for Caesars Palace and global entertainment cities, attracting the world More developers deploy anonymous applications on the AYS chain to create a safe, fast, fair, and independent AYS anonymous ecosystem.
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