The most worthy investment project‖METAHOUSE yuan universe real estate

With the continuous increase of global epidemic prevention efforts, the overall performance of real estate companies has declined significantly, and supply and demand have been sluggish. And a new field——Metaverse is on fire! The so-called “metaverse” is to integrate extended reality, digital twins, blockchain, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other technologies to create a virtual world that is balanced in the real world and interacts with the real world at the same time. Undoubtedly, as a part of the metaverse world, metaverse real estate is built in the metaverse, that is, real estate in the virtual world.

METAHOUSE means “metaverse + real estate”. It is under the joint jurisdiction of the Canadian foundation FINTRAC Money Services and the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Center of Canada (FINTRAC). It has a senior blockchain architectural design team and a top market planning team for Metaverse Real Estate. The participants of the project provide the most authoritative and professional services. METAHOUSE issues exclusive blockchain house ticket certificates, all players can purchase their own houses in Metaverse real estate by purchasing house ticket certificates, truly achieving the integration of metaverse real estate and real estate in the real world, creating the world’s most valuable investment Metaverse real estate service platform.

METAHOUSE issues exclusive blockchain room ticket vouchers—the total amount of “MH”: 35.8 million pieces, deflated to 358,000 pieces, 0 private placement, 0 pre-mining, 0 reservation, providing a fair and just for global blockchain enthusiasts A good project is also an investable and reliable real estate service platform, where all users can create, invest and lease. A series of real estate value-added services, such as selling or buying, can not only experience the extreme pleasure brought by the virtual world in METAHOUSE, but also invest in and enjoy more ecological value-added benefits. Therefore, the arrival of METAHOUSE is likely to become The best of the best, quickly bring your partners to participate together!