The most anticipated in 2022! SUPER FOR SPEED Metaverse Racing Chain Tour is coming soon

Games are definitely the best form of combining the metaverse and the NFT realm. Under the craze of the megatrend, the Metaverse and NFTs have become active and strong in the eyes of investors. GameFi, which earns while playing, is bound to be a potential industry that will continue to attract attention and develop in the future. The development of this industry will inevitably face some challenges. Higher-quality chain games will be needed by the entire industry and users.

Developed by the American Electronic Arts “Need for Speed” company, and jointly invested by A16Z, YGG and Blackstone Capital, the RAC chain game SUPER FOR SPEED transplanted from the traditional PS4 and X360 platforms is planned to be launched in the near future. SUPER FOR SPEED’s original gameplay, embedded Play-to-Earn 2.0 financial model, adheres to the principle that the greater the community contribution, the more income.

SUPER FOR SPEED is the first game in the metaverse aggregation ecology. There are more than 100 realistic super-running NFTs in the game, and a full series of tracks have been newly developed. Gamers can upgrade and improve their own racing cars. Through the PVP game mode and immersive game experience, gamers combine the virtual economy with the metaverse, and build a metaverse game ecology that is ethical, decentralized, entertaining and innovative.


  • Powerful top-level architecture design: 10,000 super partner community teams, automatic operation! The partners are divided into DAOs, and the ecological access of each project does not interfere with each other but complement each other, jointly achieving the value of SFS ecological token and the continuous battle against the flow of water.
  • Earn while playing: Perfect distribution system, one game, diversified benefits. Winners get generous SFS rewards, while losers earn U.
  • Financialization of NFT: The upgrade of vehicle NFT will not only increase the number of races per day, but also give more rewards to the winner of the race, and the platform dividend will also increase.
  • Rich prize pool: Players can get a medal by completing the game tasks every day. Bet before the countdown of the prize pool, and the winner can share 50% of the reward in the prize pool. 9 lucky winners are generated every day.
  • Extreme deflation: SFS game tokens are fully circulated in the ecological closed loop, and then repurchased and destroyed, forcibly diverted, and ultimately deflated and forced to rise.
  • Aggregate GameFi community: Open NFT+GameFi game aggregation platform, more high-quality chain games will be launched in the ecosystem one after another, forming a metaverse GameFi community linking games, gamers, and guilds.
  • DAO governance : SFS holders jointly own the ownership of SUPER FOR SPEED, allowing all ecological participants to jointly participate in the governance of the community, including proposal voting for the joining of new chain game projects, platform fees, dividend ratios, etc., to achieve a fully liberalized DAO ecological governance.

SUPER FOR SPEED token model:

SFS is the game’s native governance token, issued based on the BSC Binance Smart Chain, with a total supply of 200 million and an initial price of 0.01 USDT. The SFS token obtained by participating in the SUPER FOR SPEED competitive game is locked. Players first go to the exchange to buy tokens and transfer to the destruction pool to unlock the locked SFS. 50% of the tokens released by each winner will be destroyed. The SFS tokens used by players to purchase and upgrade the racing NFT will be destroyed. The handling fees generated by the platform will also be destroyed. The SFS strong deflation mechanism is given to the final game. The demand for tokens will increase the demand for tokens in the market, and the value will rise passively.

In terms of racing NFT, there are three categories: experience racing, super racing, and ultimate racing. Among them, super racing and ultimate racing have L1~L3 levels that can be upgraded. Experience racing cars can be upgraded to super racing L1 by recharging 160USDT; super racing L3 can be upgraded to ultimate racing L1 by recharging 400USDT. In the super racing and ultimate racing levels, players can also automatically upgrade the NFT of higher-level racing cars by reaching the net body target, and lay out better strategic positions.

SUPER FOR SPEED is a decentralized play-and-earn AAA racing game that combines gameplay, token economy and metaverse. SUPER FOR SPEED will create a GamFi aggregation ecosystem with superior game distribution mechanism and high-quality blockchain games. As the SUPER FOR SPEED community grows, we look forward to providing the best experience for gamers around the world.