The Consensus Reconstructs the World, and the WEALTH Launch Conference ended successfully

On March 25, 2023, the WEALTH launch conference was grandly held in Switzerland, Europe. With the theme of “Infinite Future, Live Up to Expectations”, the conference was jointly organized by the Hope Foundation and WEALTH officials. Many global blockchain industry investment institutions, technical teams, communities, media, blockchain enthusiasts, and investment hobbies Those who come to the event.

At the meeting, Mr. Thomas, one of the co-sponsors of WEALTH, delivered an important speech, announcing that WEALTH will be officially launched globally on March 25, 2023, and the future can be expected! Mr. Thomas also talked about WEALTH’s technical advantages and consensus operation logic on the spot, hoping to help people effectively solve problems such as capital control and wealth inclination. The future of WEALTH is full of considerable and sustainable development.

“The difference between WEALTH and other projects is that we not only help everyone achieve multiple income generation, but also create a trustworthy and safe trading environment to protect everyone’s digital assets. Our ultimate goal is to solve the capital control in finance, so that wealth does not Tilting again, keeping balance and permanence like a scale, I think that only when everyone realizes the equality of wealth, can this be regarded as real freedom.” Mr. Thomas expressed his gratitude to everyone for their expectations for WEALTH many times, and please believe everyone I believe that WEALTH will not disappoint everyone’s trust.

At the launch conference, the press conference of the strategic cooperation between the Hope Foundation and the WEALTH Interstellar Financial Research Institute was held. Wealth, as one of the public economic service applications under the Hope Foundation, is fulfilling its pioneering purpose and development. Numerous industry elites and investment enthusiasts conducted in-depth discussions on hot topics and current affairs topics such as “the significance of WEALTH”, “new opportunities and challenges of DeFi”, “reform of traditional finance”, etc. , the audience lingered, applauding and applauding frequently. The scale of the WEALTH launch conference is so grand, which marks that the launch of WEALTH is of great significance to the financial industry.

With the strong support and enthusiastic participation of all parties, the WEALTH kick-off meeting was successfully held and concluded in a lively atmosphere of laughter and laughter. Mr. Thomas expressed his most sincere thanks and respect to all the guests at the end of the meeting , which drew a successful conclusion to the WEALTH Kickoff Conference, and it is also an important starting point for the development of WEALTH.

With the global development of blockchain, more discussion is needed on its development model and its healthy and sustainable path. WEALTH’s current global financial core upgrade, through innovation and reform, can effectively solve various pain points of traditional finance, as well as related problems such as the inclination of blockchain financial wealth, insufficient consensus, and market chaos at this stage. WEALTH hopes that everyone can truly get rid of the black box control of capital, based on credible digitization of assets and identities, achieve a better self in the new financial credit space, and obtain a fair and platform of wealth value. At the same time, WEALTH also strives to inspire all common Practicing DeFi ecological participants to achieve real mutual benefit and win-win, jointly promote the healthy and compliant development of the entire blockchain ecology, and promote the application and innovation of blockchain technology.

The pattern of wealth requires a broader perspective, and the imbalance of interest relations is a serious problem that needs to be faced and resolved. If you want to deal with the shackles of the old situation controlled by traditional financial capital and break through the traditional credit service model to make up for the situation, you always need such a leader to stand up first. WEALTH is ready to use its own advantages down-to-earth to promote the equality and freedom of wealth in global applications, and go all out to create its own milestones.

WEALTH is already on the road, taking solid steps and forging ahead. I believe that under the powerful linkage of the new era and technology, Wealth will surely have the most interoperable, scalable and infinitely combinable DeFi future!