Solana Foundation Leads $3M Investment in Blockchain Data Platform PARSIQ

PARSIQ, a blockchain data monitoring platform, has raised $3 million.

The firm said the funding round was led by the Solana Foundation and Axia8 Ventures and included Mindworks VC, Krypital Group, CoinUnited, Transfero Swiss, Elevate Ventures, Sanctum Ventures and others. 

The suite of smart tools offered by PARSIQ includes notifications for token transfers, price fluctuations and other blockchain-related movements. According to PARSIQ’s documents, users are able to customize their notification settings to block out undesired noise, while receiving important information in real time. 

Solana founder Anatoly Yakovenko said he believes access to blockchain data through applications like PARSIQ will help Solana-based projects have “fewer headaches in building out their stack, allowing them to concentrate on their product.” 

The platform’s tools are compatible with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and other blockchains.

PARSIQ had a public token offering in the fall of 2019, raising 1.6 million euros. As of press time, the PRQ token has a market capitalization of $100 million and is trading at $0.86, according to CoinGecko. 

Evan Cheng, the director of research at Facebook’s Novi Financial, joined the platform as an adviser after participating in the round as a private investor. Axia8 CEO Wayne Lin also joined as an adviser.