Recreate the giant whale of wealth! OMNISWAP official LP pool will be launched soon

OMNISWAP will launch OMNI’s official LP pool at 20:00 on July 25, 2023 (UTC+8). At that time, users can earn income through OMNI LP mining and further participate in OMNI’s ecological autonomy.

It is reported that OMNISWAP LP mining operates around the ecological token OMNI. The total amount of OMNI is 21 million. Once the tokens are issued, they will be fully injected into the LP pool for ecological LP mining. OMNI is the only ecological token of OMNISWAP, carrying the core value of the OMNISWAP ecosystem.

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How to participate in OMNISWAP LP mining?

Individual users with a participation amount ≥ 100 USDT can participate in LP mining and obtain LP Token+LP computing power matching the deposit amount. The LP Token is entrusted to the escrow contract for an indefinite period of time, and no market maker or project party has permission to touch LP. Tokens, while LP computing power counts the daily amount of LP mining income obtained by users.

At present, OMNI LP mining is divided into revenue distribution models such as market maker revenue, promotion revenue, super node revenue, and community node revenue. The specific revenue distribution model can be obtained in the official community

Features of OMNISWAPLP Mining

  1. Innovative LP mining model, OMNISWAP adopts the first mining model of “increasing when it comes out of the mine”. The entire LP mining process is the process of releasing the ecological token OMNI from the LP pool to the outside of the pool, which can continuously reduce the OMNI coins in the LP pool. Quantity is a driving force for the rise of currency prices, so it is the world’s first new mining model that integrates mining profits, no inflation, and high deflation.
  2. Full-code open source, authoritative audit, OMNISWAP issued a total of 21 million in full circulation into the LP pool, no dark warehouse, no reservation, all LP tokens are controlled by the escrow contract, no one or organization has the right to unlock, no need to worry about malicious pumping The pool ran away.
  3. There is no bargaining chip in the market. All OMNI is obtained through various computing power dividends. The secondary market can only be sold but not bought. There is no need to worry about speculation and evil in the secondary market. The majority of evangelists can preach with peace of mind and regain their faith.
  4. Compensation for computing power, early entry will have an advantage, and late entry will be compensated. The LP computing power compensation coefficient is 1.02 to the Nth power. The longer the currency is held, the shorter the time it takes for the market value to double. For example, if A invests 1000U on the first day, the computing power is 1000 x 1.02 to the 1st power, which is equal to 1020; B invests 1000U on the 100th day, and the computing power is 1000 x 1.02 to the 100th power, which is equal to 7244. It can be seen from this that players who enter the game late are compensated with high computing power, and the income will naturally not be small. It is fair and just, and has a lot of stamina, which can make players have a steady stream of willingness and motivation to enter the market, and promote the healthy development of the platform.
  5. Selling and destroying in full, from 21 million destroyed to 1.05 million, can achieve a high deflation of 20 times. Rare things are more expensive. It is self-evident that extreme deflation will promote the price of OMNI currency.
  6. OMNI is destroyed when selling, and the currency does not enter the LP pool, which greatly weakens the promotion effect of OMNI selling behavior on the decline of currency prices.
  7. High backfill, 50% of the sold OMNI currency price will be backfilled to the LP pool after deducting the handling fee, so that players in the entire community will have a mutual aid effect, interact back and forth, and regenerate each other, continuously, and develop healthily.

For users, the early dividends of OMNISWAP have just begun, and the sooner they participate, the more opportunities they will have to gain benefits. The DeFi track is becoming the mainstream, and the funds, users, businesses and new application scenarios it will carry in the future It will be infinite. This is a market worth hundreds of billions or even trillions in the future. Participating in it will capture more market value.