RCH settled in Thailand’s professional mines, mining machines can be insured

It is reported that the RCH Foundation will officially launch a professional mine in Thailand in late June to complete the first step in the deployment of a global distributed mine.

As early as March, the RCH Foundation has already started cooperation with global distributed mines. Thailand has become the first location for the RCH global mine cluster because of its complete legal system of the Digital Assets Act. The contractor of the Thai mine is Real Chain Hash Management Co., LTD. The asset management company has ten years of professional mine management experience and owns two 1600㎡ professional mines located in the industrial area of Bangkok’s new airport. It is reported that the mine has reached an insurance plan for its custody of mining machines with Thailand’s five major property insurance companies. Since then, professional mining machines with low energy consumption such as BZZ, RCH, UAV, CHIA, etc. hosted in the mine can be assisted by the company to purchase property insurance. At present, considering the factors of electricity prices in Thailand, it is not suitable to provide custodial services for BTC and ETH mining machines for the time being.


Thailand mine with RCH

The mine said that it can currently meet the installed demand of 50,000 low-energy-consumption green mining machines.