QFS: A Metaverse Aggregation Platform for Applying Privacy-Preserving Networks to NFTs

A large number of cryptographic principles and encryption algorithms are applied in the underlying public chain of the blockchain to ensure the security of the network and the confirmation and transfer of digital assets under the condition of decentralization. An understanding of security and privacy. If the blockchain is only used for the generation, distribution and transfer of encrypted assets, the security and privacy requirements can be met by relying on the protection of cryptographic algorithms.


Today, the blockchain has entered the era of WEB3.0. Massive applications and users will complete all activities of production and life based on the underlying blockchain. The underlying network needs to carry application data, user data, and intermediate data (instant data flow) , private data (data generated in specific application scenarios), simply recording these data as on-chain content on the public ledger obviously cannot meet the privacy requirements. Therefore, the infrastructure for providing privacy services for the blockchain will be a brand new super track, similar to cross-chain, second-layer expansion, and privacy computing services will be a common demand for the practical application of blockchain purchases.

Quantum financial system (QFS) is an open source, decentralized, zero-knowledge proof and immutable privacy-preserving metaverse aggregation platform. At the same time, it focuses on building a trust “new infrastructure” in the digital economy era to realize a new generation of global blockchain data privacy protection system jointly built and shared by all parties in the industry. The importance of privacy protection of QFS is being paid attention to all over the world .

The Metaverse is a continuously working virtual space in which people interact with digital objects and each other, including through virtual reality technology. So , how does QFS achieve NFT privacy protection ? And how to realize the multi-dimensional application of the metaverse ? Next , I will demystify it one by one …

QFS makes blockchain data more private

QFS is an independent underlying technical environment. Its positioning is similar to that of Polkadot, except that Polkadot focuses on cross-chain and QFS focuses on blockchain privacy computing. In addition to its own private digital assets, private applications, private data storage and desensitization calls, it is also compatible with the privacy model blessing of mainstream public chains. For example, a smart contract running on Ethereum can be translated to QFS. The contract data is encrypted, but the security and rules of the contract will not be changed. When QFS is connected to the ETH public chain, it is the privacy layer of the parasitic public chain. It is compatible with all applications of the ETH chain.

QFS metaverse aggregation platform tries to build a secure and private metaverse space while meeting the privacy requirements of the underlying data of distributed computing. QFS adopts the zero-knowledge proof mechanism, so that when the blockchain is verified, the node does not need to carry out specific authentication of the content, so that the data is kept in a black box state on the whole link. The features such as user-friendliness have firmly grasped the core pain points of users and developers, so that mainstream public chain networks are willing to actively be compatible with the technical ecology of QFS.

QFS opens up a new dimension of blockchain applications

Distributed computing solves the problems of decentralization/weak center, transparency, trust, and equivalence in the collaboration process. However, some industries need both the advantages of distributed computing collaboration to improve efficiency and privacy protection to achieve the security of the entire collaboration process. . For example, banking and financial institutions, big data centers, medical institution data, etc., in high-value and highly sensitive fields, QFS opens up new possibilities for blockchain to enter these fields.

Especially on the NFT track, the role of QFS is emerging . For most collectors or institutions , when laying out a series of NFTs in the early stage, they usually use very secretive methods to buy in order to avoid the market paying too much attention to the problems of panic buying and premium. After QFS, they can adopt the method of privacy holding, the identity of the holder of NFT will be kept secret, and the incognito state will not be tracked by market players.

In addition , some NFT works represent a certain ideology and political color of the creator, and it is inconvenient for the creator to disclose their identity. QFS supports the private creation of NFT, and adopts the method of full anonymity (including the protection of the public key address on the personal chain) to openly sell NFT works to the market , so as to speak for its own position and concept and better protect its privacy.

In the metaverse realm, QFS exists as a basic tool for a new era. The Metaverse’s pursuit of true scenes and experiences will carry all the content of our lives. In the Metaverse, there are both public life and deep personal privacy content such as personal social, business, property, etc. QFS is to build the Metaverse’s private life In the underlying environment, QFS will comprehensively build a Metaverse privacy space, allowing Metaverse users to bid farewell to “streaking”.

QFS ends the problem that the blockchain cannot take into account user privacy , and broadens a new dimension of blockchain applications . For the blockchain industry, the emergence of QFS has brought new business application prospects.

Core Values and Prospects of QFS

Privacy protection is one of the core propositions of the blockchain, and only QFS is currently focusing on the NFT privacy track . QFS currently monopolizes the entire NFT privacy track. Grayscale Fund has made a special report on the blockchain privacy track. More institutions are quietly paying attention to the value of privacy, and QFS is a phenomenal project that no institution can avoid.

The core value of QFS will be reflected in these three aspects:

Privacy coin : Quantum financial system token is the most valuable privacy coin, and its value connotation far exceeds the scope of privacy digital currencies such as ZEC.

value of private data: QFS will be a new solution for global value data. In the future, it will become the world’s largest private data repository. The storage and application of private data will form a trillion-scale industry, and QFS is the core of this industry. support.

Ecological value of privacy applications: including SocialFi, GameFi, Metaverse… More blockchain tracks and applications will generate innovations in secret applications based on QFS, and achieve new breakthroughs in blockchain applications.

QFS privacy network is based on blockchain technology , and it is the first zero-knowledge proof programming platform. Through homomorphic encryption, it realizes the separation of identity and data, returns the ownership of data to users, and provides a new technology for data privacy storage protection options.

At a time when NFTs and the Metaverse are prevalent , QFS strives to provide more rigorous and comprehensive privacy and anonymity services on the basis of existing privacy solutions, and to achieve complete anonymity of transactions. Guarantee all data privacy and asset security of users, including NFTs . Committed to realizing freedom and protecting privacy, the QFS privacy network , which rebuilds the credit system between people through the blockchain network, is laying a solid foundation for the application of the privacy network under the wash of the blockchain wave . Its future Also very worth looking forward to !