PuddingSwap & ES Bridge hosts joint airdrop event, reward Pudding ingredients and Chef NFT

PuddingSwap & ES Bridge will host a joint airdrop event from 9:00PM, March 1st ~ 9:00PM, March 8th(UTC+8), users can get ingredients and Chef NFT Card aftercompleting event mission.


Bonus 1: Participate in the event can get ingredients NFT airdrop;

Bonus 2: Million points competition, invite friends and complete additional requirements to get the chef NFT card, the participant with the highest score will be rewarded, more points means more chances to win.


PuddingSwap Desserts Empire is a NFT card game themed with baked pudding. It will provide players with eight animal chefNFT cards, which can be used to bake pudding with ingredients and can be used to make benefits in the lockvault. In the future, it will add kitchen utensils, Cooking battle mode, and NFT Square.


PuddingSwap Desserts Empire takes baking pudding as the starting point, and then radiates different forms as the target to create exclusive PuddingSwap Desserts Empire. With the development of Hoo Smart Chain, creating the development mode of visual blockchain will increase many character systems, allowing players to getexciting experience from game, creation, entertainment, display, social interaction and transaction.


The Equal Sign Bridge is the only link between Hoo Smart Chain and HECO. It is also an important part of Hoo Smart Chain ecology. In the future, the Equal Sign Bridge will fully support Hoo Smart Chain ecology. At the same time, according to the needs of Hoo Smart Chain, the development of mainstream cross-chain networks such as BSC/ETH and the expansion of mainstream cross-chain currencies such as BTC/ETH will help the growth and improvement of the blockchain.


Event portal: https://gleam.io/NQSeB/double-privilege-double-surprise

March 1st ~ March 8th participate in the airdrop event, get your amazing NFT cards!

Tips: The NFT cards are sponsored in ESBridge .