NFT replaces Defi as the top trend in Crypto world. Why is MAYA the No.1 project on TRON?

Everybody is talking about NFT these days. We have Axie Infinity for crypto people, NBA Top Shots for sports people and Louis the Game for fashion people. It’s hard to imagine that Defi was the most popular application genre on smart contracts just two months ago. Automated market maker, algorithmic stable coins and liquidity farming are the hottest topics back then. This mania, named ‘Defi Summer’ by medias and presses, took over the crypto world from the end of 2020 to the beginning of 2021. Some of the biggest communities were formed surrounding the ownership of protocol tokens. Together they created a positive feedback loop and continuously increasing the value estimation of Defi assets.


According to William M. Peaster, similar to Defi that is made of Token Legos, NFT is made of programmable Media Legos. Protocol Finance believes that if Defi is the financialized result of consensus, NFT is the financialized result of individual productions. Ever since the popularization of CryptoPunks, Uniswap has lost their leading position in the most recent NFT trend in terms of usage of Ethereum. According to Gas Tracker from Etherscan, OpenSea is now the biggest gas fee generator on Ethereum. NFT portals created 15.46% of the total gas fee in a 24-hour period. That equals to 900 ETH or 2.8 million dollars at current price. NFT is occupying a bigger and bigger portion of the Ethereum Network activities and has become the most popular item on Ethereum Network. Causing gas fee to skyrocket once again.

MAYA NFT SWAP is a multi-chain NFT project. However, they chose to launch on TRON instead of Ethereum for the following reasons:

First of all, cost and efficiency. The miner fee on TRON is relatively low and the response time of deposit and withdrawal can be measured within seconds. This creates a good environment for MAYA NFT SWAP. Everything on MAYA platform, including creating, publishing, managing and trading NFTs will have a significantly lower cost. Greatly reduces the cost threshold for people outside the crypto community. Furthermore, the highly efficient smart contracts and infinite possibilities they create makes TRON a highly expandable platform.


Second, statistically speaking, the TRON Mainnet has passed Ethereum and EOS multiple times in account and transaction numbers. With performance advantages such as high data throughput, low gas fee and fast transaction, TRON Network is becoming one of the most popular networks with the lowest cost to use. Launching on TRON provides natural advantages for MAYA NFT SWAP and again lower the threshold for average people to join NFT markets.

The third reason is TRON’s ecosystem. More and more top Ethereum developers are now joining TRON and the community is continuously growing. Every ecosystem will feedback to each other and progress together. Just like TRON is feeding back to Ethereum, we hope that by making MAYA the best NFT ecosystem on TRON, we can be the important milestone of TRON entering the NFT market. Eventually complement other ecosystems on TRON and be an irreplaceable part of the TRON universe.


Last but not least, MAYA NFT SWAP fits perfectly with TRON’s NFT roadmap. TRON started their preparation at the end of 2020 by releasing the first NFT standard protocol, TRC-721. Shortly after they made the announcement of JUST NFT foundation. MAYA and TRON shares a common interest in the NFT field.

Under such background and foundation, we believe MAYA can make the perfect entrance into NFT market on behalf of TRON.