NFT and GameFi integrate new power Rainbow Bridge Web3.0 chain game aggregation platform will be launched soon

In the past two years, we have witnessed the ups and downs of the cryptocurrency market. Judging from the encrypted application data in 2022, the number of users and popularity of NFT are developing significantly faster than DeFi, and of course the same is true for GameFi. The Web3.0 game platform for gamers and developers – Rainbow Bridge, carries the NFT upsurge and brings out the power of the encryption field to expand to a broader digital economy.

Rainbow Bridge is committed to creating a new ecosystem that integrates NFT and GameFi, providing gamers and digital asset holders with more opportunities and value. Rainbow Bridge is designed to allow game lovers to quickly use blockchain technology to enter our games and receive cryptocurrency rewards to motivate players. The Rainbow Bridge Web3.0 game platform is compatible with games made by Unity and Unreal Engine, and can quickly add cryptocurrency to the game, or use the SDK to integrate NFT and other blockchain mechanisms.

Rainbow Bridge has completed the Pre-A round of financing of US$5 million and will be launched in the near future. Rainbow Bridge is led by Fundamental Labs, a leading blockchain technology venture capital firm, and other investors include Firestone Global, Signum Capital and Animoca Brands. In addition to providing financial support, from technology to operation, it will also help the project to fully realize its potential, develop more high-quality blockchain games, and create more value and wealth creation opportunities for users.

In traditional games, players can only complete some tasks or challenges in the game to obtain in-game rewards, and the value of these rewards is often controlled by game developers. However, on Rainbow Bridge’s GameFi chain game aggregation platform using NFT technology, players can obtain more benefits by trading their own NFT or participating in financial activities in the game. Players will have more motivation to participate in gaming and financial activities, resulting in a better gaming experience.


7bc token is the only platform token of the Rainbow Bridge Web3.0 chain game aggregation platform, with a total circulation of 21 million pieces. Rainbow Bridge users earn 7bc tokens in different games on the platform. At the same time, users can develop together with the platform, because users can exchange experience and skills through the platform, improve their game level together, and communicate on the platform and share their profits.

In addition to providing users with valuable functions and services, the Rainbow Bridge Web3.0 chain game aggregation platform will continue to innovate and develop, and develop more attractive and entertaining games and gameplay, so as to be able to continue to participate in the long-term The Rainbow Bridge game stays interesting. At the same time, Rainbow Bridge has designed recommendation rewards and community benefits. Inviting more friends to participate in the Rainbow Bridge game will earn more benefits.

Rainbow Bridge’s GameFi chain game aggregation platform using NFT technology provides more opportunities and development space for players and game developers. In the future, as the Rainbow Bridge will serve as the traffic entrance of the metaverse economy, it will create a more immersive cyberspace for users, and the scene design will be more suitable for the combination of the metaverse scene and NFT assets, DAO and DeFi to innovate The game revitalizes the market, stimulates the generation of liquidity, and finally realizes the wealth effect of 7bc token.