NEC and Coin Soon Mine formally reach strategic cooperation

On May 4, 2021, NEC Computing Power Aggregator, incubated by Singapore’s YiAn Foundation, formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement at the Sands Hotel in Singapore, along with Euronex Exchange and Coinsoon Mine. joint development. A new era of NEC aggregation mining.

CoinSoon Mining is a new type of mining company focused on customizing programs such as computing power funds and mainstream coin mining, with professional services, high reputation and reputation, the trust and support of domestic and foreign customers. Has won.

Mines invested directly under CoinSoon are located in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Sichuan Province, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Kazakhstan, etc. Electricity is continuously supplied throughout the year. It has a power supply capacity of 220 MW, and at the same time. CoinSoon Mining has taken advantage of mining resources to establish an ExPower cloud computing platform. The team consists of professional blockchain practitioners, senior minors and senior technical persons on mobile internet, with global vision, extensive mining experience and hands-on experience in mining machine management in the field of virtual digital currencies.

NEC is a computing power aggregator, proposing solutions that enable cross-chain value interconnection and stands out with its innovative computing power aggregation concept. The NEC algorithm is a cross-chain / multi-chain solution proposed by the Yian Foundation and faces many interconnect challenges in the blockchain application ecosystem. NEC began by designing the architecture of the underlying platform and began to delve deeply into the issues of security, scalability, and usability of cross-chain interactions.

Through this close cooperation, we will be able to jointly develop technology by taking advantage of NEC’s unique technological characteristics, and by investing in NEC, we will be able to participate in the intensive mining of high-quality projects such as ETH, FIL, XCH, and CRU.