NDCEX-the new king of DeFi comes

In the 11th year of Bitcoin’s birth, the wildfire of DeFi has made more and more people aware of the value of blockchain’s financial properties. The explosion of non-financial fields such as NFT in the first two months of 2021 has added a new highlight to the application value of blockchain technology.

DeFi continues to be hot. According to DeBank data on April 27, the total DeFi locked-up volume (GVL) reached 98.36 billion U.S. dollars, setting a historical record. On the same day, the amount of locked positions on the Ethereum chain reached 70.68 billion U.S. dollars. From lending platforms to DEX, to crowdfunding, insurance, and derivatives and asset integrated management agreements, more and more decentralized financial applications have been born in DeFi.

DeFi is the first real application in the decentralized world after Bitcoin. We firmly believe that DeFi will step out of the Crypto circle one day and become the trend of open finance! The members of the NDCEX Foundation have been deeply involved in the blockchain for a long time, and they have a keen insight into the industry and a practical spirit. We have always firmly believed that everyone should have equal access to high-quality financial products and services. NDCEX was born!

NDCEX aims to create a one-stop sustainable cloud computing power, and is committed to creating a lightweight, open and free miner world where everyone can participate. At this time, we are standing at the starting point of the DeFi explosion, welcoming the sea of ​​stars in the DeFi world.

NDCEX brings a new product mechanism and experience to the Defi cloud computing market

Low barriers to entry, fast and smooth product experience
“Fool-style” product experience lowers the user threshold and allows users to smoothly complete the product process.
Multi-version, localized product design, while capturing Eastern and Western users
DeFi products are naturally an open financial system without borders. Users from all countries participate together. In order to provide users from all countries with a product experience that adapts to their respective cultures and habits, NDCEX will separately launch a more localized experience for users from the East and the West. And UI design products. This also allows NDCEX to overwhelm competitors in terms of product experience, attracting users and funds from all over the world.
Innovative gameplay to increase revenue while increasing user stickiness
As a DeFi cloud computing power, NDCEX will continue to innovate product design and gameplay while optimizing cloud computing power mining machines and optimizing revenue. It allows users to obtain financial benefits as well as social attributes and game-like experiences, thereby greatly enhancing user stickiness.
A full range of products to create a financial giant on the chain
A DeFi product is a container of funds, and the size of the funds largely determines the value of this application. If you want to keep more funds in a DeFi container, it is important to be able to meet the different needs of funds. Therefore, NDCEX has created a one-stop DeFi cloud computing power product that meets all-round financial needs of funds, including liquidity mining, wealth management, lending, derivatives, etc.
NDCEX product matrix
FIL cloud computing power
Fil’s computing power market has always been mixed, causing ordinary investors to be unable to distinguish between the good and the bad, and thus suffer the risk of property loss. The NDCEX Foundation was formed by the industry’s top players and formulated a Filecoin mining machine standardization, which is a business model that reduces information asymmetry. Only after the mining machine configuration meets the standard and the algorithm is stable can the mining machine pass the review, and then the pledge agreement can be signed to issue additional NDFIL hashrate coins. All benefits are automatically issued by the contract, and the finances are open and transparent.
Liquidity mining
In the first phase of NDCEX, the initial governance token NDCEX will be generated through liquid mining, attracting a large number of “miners” and “users” to participate. Liquidity mining to generate initial governance tokens is a fairer and more transparent way, and it can quickly help NDCEX acquire initial users. When NDCEX’s follow-up products are launched, various forms of mining token incentives will be added.
NDCEX’s liquidity mining will be divided into multiple stages. While mining will obtain high profits, it will have a stronger sense of game experience and fun, and encourage users to participate more and more continuously. The specific rules of liquidity mining will be introduced in a special document later.
Mortgage loan
NDCEX will launch a one-stop FIL ​​lending service, which can solve the problem of the 75% linear release in the IPFS official release rule that causes the user’s income to extend. This will greatly expand the assets available to FIL miners during the mining process and enhance the liquidity of the miners’ assets. , And can also optimize the best interest rate, reduce the user’s borrowing costs. Please stay tuned for specific rules
DAO governance
NDCEX DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization and smart contract system that serves the NDCEX ecosystem on Heco. It refers to a central authority that is not controlled by hierarchical authority, operates automatically according to pre-established procedural rules, and gives all stakeholders in the network the right to speak. The open decentralized organization is the management token and utility token of the NDCEX system. Participate in NDCEX project dividends, governance proposals, and voting. Voting resolutions are not limited to project destruction mechanisms, production reduction mechanisms, additional issuance mechanisms, mining pool quotas, and dividend quotas.
NFT Honor Pass
NDCEX NFT is a smart contract system on Heco that serves the centralized identity of the NDCEX ecosystem. Please stay tuned for specific details.
A few days ago, Lingzong Security has recently audited the contract deployed on the Huobi Heco chain through the NDCEX project. The audited contract includes the project’s token issuance and pledge mining functions. No security risks have been found in the contracts for these functions.
If you are a discerning investor with a keen sense of market smell, then you will definitely respect NDCEX. With the continued popularity of DeFi, I believe that many people will be aware of the value of the financial properties of the blockchain, so you are very It is hard to believe that the rise of NDCEX is the general trend! The opportunity is in front of you. The first pot of gold in 2021 depends on whether you can grasp it!