Mingle Land has insight into the legend of decentralized culture, allowing the value of Web3.0 to flow freely

On January 31, 2023, Netflix (Netflix) released a trailer for an animated film called “Father and Boy”. Immediately caused an uproar in the industry, this animation co-produced by Japan Nai (Netflix JP) and Japan WIT Studio, Microsoft Xiaobing Japan Branch (rinna) is the first animation in history to use Commercial cartoons with backgrounds generated by AI technology. Most of the scene drawing work in the film is done by artificial intelligence, while the characters and animal characters in the film – the boy and the dog – are done by hand in the traditional animation production method.


Once this short film was released, it immediately aroused the attention and discussion of media at home and abroad. The impact of AI technology may redefine the entire industry. At present, the limitations of the animation industry have become more and more obvious, such as high labor costs and cumbersome production process: animation production relies on huge repetitive labor and requires a lot of manual participation, including animators, script writers, voice actors, etc. Not only is the cost of human resources training and employment relatively high, but the production cycle of a work is long, which greatly limits the further development of the industry. In addition to Netflix, project teams of more companies are trying to break through industry bottlenecks through AI technology.

Digital empowerment industry – Mingle land

Currently, Mingle land, a team that claims to be from Gillian, is also using AI technology to solve the problem of tedious drawing work in the animation production process. It is understood that the Mingle AI developed by the team is a vertical algorithm model for two-dimensional animation production. It mainly combines specific characters and scenes through training, so that it can generate corresponding animation videos only by inputting description text. .

Some people in the industry said: the maturity of this model will greatly subvert the generation method of the animation industry. With its continuous upgrading and iteration, it will become very convenient to use Mingle AI to create animation in the future. At that time, creators only need to integrate more Focus on creative aspects such as plot setting. Through AI technology, maybe everyone can become Hayao Miyazaki one day in the future.


Netflix’s new animation ” Dogs and Boys” and the efforts of the Mingle Land team show that AI technology is rapidly pushing the animation industry forward. It not only changed the way animation is produced, but also brought more possibilities for creators and audiences. With the continuous advancement of technology, the animation industry will usher in a more brilliant era in the future.

Brand new business idea – AINFTGC

In the digital age, it is the general trend to rely on technology to empower the physical industry . Since the birth of the concept of the metaverse in China, it has joined the process of opening up the metaverse. After a long period of research and development preparations, Mingle Land has combined AI and NFT in the field of animation, making NFT an The important means of production “AINFTGC” has achieved a new business form and has become a hot concept pursued by capital. With the convection and collection of global resources, community activities are in full swing, and the cultural ecology has entered a period of global explosion.


In order to solve the limitations of models and materials, the Mingle Land team proposed a brand new business concept – AINFTGC (Artificial Intelligence & Non-Fungible Token Generated content): make the supported characters into decentralized assets NFT, and users can When using characters to generate animations through Mingle AI, you need to pay the NFT holders instead of the developers. Perhaps this will make NFT an extremely important means of production in this ecology.

Peek into its “ambition” from innovation

Judging from the information disclosed by Mingle land, Mingle land is a cultural ecology that integrates generative AI and Web3 technology . The open metaverse of Borderlands . This generative AI tool uses advanced machine learning and generative confrontation network ( GAN) algorithms to provide NFTs character references, animation generation, character replacement and other functions to help users participate in content and business expansion around the Mingle land world. Through the application of Web3 technology, the assetization of IP roles in the ecosystem and the certification of rights and interests are realized. The result is an “AINFTGC+Open world” cultural ecology that is jointly built by the community and supports unlimited expansion .

That is to say, Mingle land is not just a tool, but a cultural ecology that is based on AI, combined with blockchain technology, animation and games as delivery methods, and builds a cultural ecology that is created, expanded, and governed by users. The characters created by it no longer stay in the rigid and unchanging plot, but can expand the plot and business scenarios infinitely according to the imagination of users or third-party commercial companies. If traditional IP relies on fan consumption to support commercial development, then Mingle land handed over both to AI and users.


Judging from the official information released by Mingle Land, the team is trying to integrate AI-based and Web3-related technologies, and expand it to the open world ecology, building a borderless open metaverse space, and its space environment and content will be controlled by users. Created through AI, and through Web3 technology, the assetization of IP roles in the ecosystem and the certification of rights and interests will be realized. Digital assets will be certified on the blockchain and become virtual assets that can circulate freely.

innovative Web3 cultural ecological aggregation

The Mingle land team has been deeply involved in the blockchain for many years. With its outstanding application strength, it serves China’s digital network, intelligent manufacturing and supply chain management fields. It is well recognized by the industry. It will continue to work with global partners to build an open, innovative and win-win intelligence It is a forward-looking initiative to quantify cultural ecology, further promote the prosperity and development of the global economy , and promote the process of the digital era of Web3.0 culture .


In the future , Mingle Land will continue to integrate the strong capital strength of its platform and the potential energy of a huge user group, continuously amplify the wealth benefits created by culture , and create a new era of legends of encrypted digital culture !