META LOOT Launching Exclusively at MAYA NFT SWAP

As the foundation of Metaverse, LOOT has received a huge amount of attention ever since its launch. Most LOOT released on ETH chain had a 10-50 times appreciation in price. As the first LOOT on TRON chain, META LOOT will release on Nov 6th at MAYA NFT SWAP and only 10000 in total will be released. META LOOT will be the identity symbol for players in MAYA GameFi2 and the foundation of MAYA Metaverse.

The idea of TRON Metaverse has passed the bill. On Aug 30th, Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, tweeted about him purchasing the Justin Sun Tpunks avatar (No.3442) for 10.5 million. The future of TRON Metaverse is full of unlimited possibilities.

MAYA World LOOT is the first LOOT issuer on TRON and will be permanently recorded on the chain. The release of META LOOT further completes the MAYA Metaverse ecosystem and has received approbations from the TRON Foundation and Justin Sun himself.

What is a LOOT?

We have seen a continuously growth and expansion in the NFT market. Trading platforms, games, collectables, encrypted artworks, music and Defi are all showing a rapid growth. Represented by avatars, NFT is now well-known to the public. However, NFT has many more forms of existence including digital object, image, video, music and text. These artworks and digital assets are now unique, matchless and stored in distributed ledgers thanks to cryptography and blockchain technology.

LOOT is a text-based NFT, no values, no image or anything else. However, the simplicity of LOOT is what makes it so attractive. Based on the immutability of these text NFTs, players and developers can interpret and use them in any way they prefer. Providing a truly unlimited playground for their imaginations. Of course, we can’t forget the fact that this creator’s heaven is based on the no need for permission and combinable features of blockchain.

According to Ryan Watkins, a Messari researcher, LOOT is the most exciting NFT project he has seen in a long time. The best community-driven experiment in Metaverse up to now.

Transactions data on OpenSea shows that sales of the first LOOT on ETH chain have exceeded 90 million US dollars.

What is MAYA LOOT?

In short, MAYA LOOT is a randomly generated MAYA world stored on the blockchain. Any numbers, images, and other functions are intentionally omitted for you to fully utilize your imagination and create your MAYA World Metaverse!

META LOOT is the first LOOT on TRON. TRON’s historic pioneering exploration into the Metaverse world. META LOOT is the identity symbol for entering the MAYA Metaverse. Also, the foundation of MAYA Metaverse, MAYA Ecosystem and upcoming MAYA GameFi 2 and GameFi 3. All of them will be developed based on the LOOT model.

Elements of META LOOT

META LOOT is composed of 6 major elements:

  1. MAYA World: This is the primary element of META LOOT, it decides your place of birth in the MAYA world. Including Lamanai, Coba, Calakmul, Caracol, Tulum, Palenque, Uxmal, Tikal and other different city states. Each city state has their own culture.
  2. Civilization: No matter what we do with our life, we will just be a trivial moment in the development of the vast universe. Even the human civilization as a whole is merely an incomprehensible corner of time. We are just a drop of water in the river of history and shall never be able experience the change of civilizations. However, you can do it in MAYA Metaverse. What will happen if people of different territories are affected by different civilizations? MAYA LOOT contains Radeon Civilization, Wormhole Civilization, Nodes Civilization, Titan Civilization, Mars Civilization, Earth Civilization, Sun Civilization, Milky Way Galaxy Civilization, Andromeda Galaxy Civilization and so many more.
  3. Territory: Territory is the element that has the closest interaction with nature. Limited by technologies in reality, we can only live on continents in reality and has very little exploration to the rest of the world. In MAYA Metaverse, such limitation will no longer exists. You can interact with every part of our beautiful nature: Land, Sea, Mountain and Galaxy. After all limits are gone, where do you want to go next?
  4. Ethnicity: Metaverse is the combination of virtual world and reality, we wouldn’t want MAYA Metaverse to completely detached from our reality. Even though human beings are insignificant, we are still proud of ourselves, our makers, our thoughts, emotions and everything about us. That’s why we are keeping all human ethnicities in MAYA Metaverse and using them as an element.
  5. Industry: The existence of various industries kept our world spinning, kept it energetic and giving humans their sustenance of life and way of creating their value. Under the joint effect and shaping of different industries, we are having more and more relationships and communications between us. In MAYA Metaverse, manufacturing industry, financial industry, service industry, mining industry and energy industry are our cornerstones.
  6. Religion: Matter is the basis for human existence, but spiritual diversity is the only way to make this world colorful. In MAYA Metaverse, which religion would you choose? Buddhism? Sikhism? Christianity or Daoism?

Here’s a list of all elements in MAYA Metaverse:

MAYA World Lamanai Coba Calakmul Caracol Tulum Copan Palenque Uxmal Tikal
Civilization Radeon Wormhole Nodes Titan Mars Earth Sun Milky Way Galaxy Andromeda Galaxy
Territory Bespin Plain Alderaan Ocean Ahch-To Mountains Everest Mountains Cathar Hill Dantooine river Northren Inland Asia Europe
Ethnicity White Yellow Black Brown White Yellow Mixed Black White Mixed Brown White Mixed Black Brown Mixed Multiracial
Industry Manufacturing Mining Financial Service Energy Agriculture Trading Forestry Brewing
Religion Islam Buddhism Sikhism Christianity Hinduism Satvika Shintoism Irreligion Daoism

MAYA Metaverse’s first blockchain game MAYA HERO is in developing and testing stage. Own your LOOT NFT card and receive governance coin MARO from airdrops once MAYA HERO is online. Elements of your LOOT define the in-game role and strength of your character. They can also cause a huge difference in LOOT value.


META LOOT Rights and Interests:

  1. Identity in MAYA GameFi Metaverse: any developers can extend any element to complete the Metaverse. META LOOT is your card slot entering the MAYA Civilization World. Once you have your unique identification, you can freely explore the MAYA Metaverse and participate in various activities in MAYA World.
  2. Certificate of MAYA Union: MAYA Metaverse is an open blockchain games aggregating platform. LOOT is required for developers to extend MAYA LOOT elements and develop their blockchain games. It’s also required if unions want the right to issue their private offered fund, create airdrops or donate.
  3. Voting: Technical extension can be proposed by the community and decided by voting.
  4. Developers of MAYA World GameFi2 and GameFi3 will add in on-chain card slots. LOOT NFT is required for users to login to blockchain games and join the Original Airdrop.

Release of META LOOT

  • Time: Nov 6th, 2021 at 21:06 Singapore Time.
  • Location: META LOOT is launching exclusively at MAYA NFT SWAP
  • Amount: 10000 for the first series
  • Publish: Generated automatically by on-chain contracts. Completely decentralized.
  • Requirements: Reserve 200 TRX in your wallet as gas fee and 50 MAYA for the purchase of 1 LOOT. All MAYA used for purchase will be burned.

META LOOT’s Appreciation:

As the foundation of Metaverse, LOOT has received a huge amount of attention ever since its launch. Most LOOT released on ETH chain had a 10-50 times appreciation in price. Most LOOT on ETH adopted the free model where you only need to pay for the gas fee to get your LOOT. Now most of them are worth 2 to 40 ETHs. According to trade data from OpenSea, the highest traded price of LOOT is 250 ETHs. As for META LOOT, after your identity has been confirmed, you can freely explore in MAYA Metaverse. Since every identity is automatically generated on-chain, they are unique and leveled. A higher-level identity might be more useful in the future. If you generated a scarce or high-level identity, the value of it might appreciate 100 times or even 1000 times. They are truly collectable and witnessed by history.

Furthermore, users with different batch of META LOOTs will receive different airdrops. For example, users with the first batch of META LOOT will have more lucrative airdrops than users with latter batches.

Come and create your metaverse today, play & earn in MAYA blockchain game!