MAYA NFT SWAP, the first NFT ecosystem on TRON, completes its testing phase Global recruitment plan coming soon

The release of CryptoKitties in 2017 marks NFT’s entrance into the public view. The related ecosystems mature after three years of development and improvement. If Defi is the trend in the crypto world in 2020, then NFT is the new fashion in 2021. As one of the most significant infrastructure for NFT, TRON network is also stepping up their deployment.


Recently, there have been a large amount of media coverage about MAYA NFT SWAP (, the first NFT ecosystem on TRON, completes its testing phase and starting their global recruitment plan soon. This global recruitment plan includes public offering of MAYA, the designated token for this project, Original Treasure Hunter and Original Artist recruitment. Global and Chinese community will start their recruitment at the same time. Judging by the reaction to previous media coverage, MAYA NFT SWAP has gathered a huge group of fans with their outstanding team and thoughtful plan.

According to previous reports, MAYA is a treasure hunting adventure blockchain game. Inspired by the Maya civilization and integrating the idea of NFT and GameFi, anyone can join the game and receive Gems and Civilization Maps as rewards. Collect Gems and Maps to redeem platform token and NFT artworks that would appreciate ten times.

MAYA will release more blockchain games in the future, allowing players to earn platform tokens and NFT artworks while providing them the most entertaining experience. It’s noteworthy that games are merely an attraction allowing more people to pay attention to MAYA NFT trading platform, talented artists on this platform that comes from different areas, artworks they created and thoughts behind those artworks.

Game is an easy and popular way for the masses to join. According to introductions on MAYA NFT SWAP’s official website, they hope that they can deliver their value and ideas through games. Also making sure that modern civilization’s fruition will never vanish like what happened to Maya civilization.

MAYA is the designated token developed for MAYA NFT SWAP. 21 million of it will be released in total. Players can play coining games to win MAYA along with multiple prizes. Creating your own team will generate more profit. MAYA token they received can be used to join the community governance of MAYA NFT SWAP trading platform, or NFT transactions and auctions on the platform. Here’s the details about MAYA NFT SWAP’s public recruitment plan:

Original Treasure Hunters (Global Nodes)

·Time: Same as the public offering

·Offer Number: 150

·Candidate Requirements:

Pre-deposit 500 USDT and recommend 1 public offering address

From Sep 26th to Oct 5th SGT, MAYA NFT SWAP will rank candidates based on their recommended addresses, top 150 will receive the Original Treasure Hunter status. Pre-deposit will be returned to the remaining candidates.

·Original Treasure Hunter Reward:

Receive 5000 MAYA at public offering price (0.1 USDT/MAYA). 20% of MAYA received will be released when the price of MAYA reached 0.5 USDT, 1.0 USDT, 1.5 USDT, 2.0 USDT and 2.5 USDT.

Original Treasure Hunter sermon reward: 4200 MAYA for rank 1-50, 2520 MAYA for rank 51-100, 1680 MAYA for rank 101-150. Release immediately.

After taking part in 30 games, Original Treasure Hunters will share the Original Prize Pool with Original Artists. The prize pool settles daily and consists 5% of game capitals from every game.

Original Artists

·Time: Same as the public offering

·Offer Number: 49

·Candidate Requirements

Submit over 100 artworks on MAYA platform and more than 10 of them were selected by players.

MAYA NFT SWAP will create a rank based on number of artworks selected by players. The bottom of the rank will lose their Original Artist status.

·Original Artist Reward:

·Share the Original Prize Pool with 150 Original Treasure Hunters.

Original Prize Pool:

·Consists 5% of game capitals from every game. The pool will settle daily.

·Original Artists and Original Treasure Hunters will equally share the prize pool.

Description of equity

·5% of game capital from every game will enter the Original Prize Pool. The pool will settle daily.

·Original Artists and Original Treasure Hunters will equally share the prize pool.

Public Offering Details:

·Participants need to pre-deposit 50 USDT into designated account to apply for lock position.

·Public offering price: 0.1 USDT/MAYA

·The total amount will be evenly distributed according to the actual number of purchasers. The remaining USDT will be returned to participants account number after the public offering finishes.

It’s worth noting that Original Artists recruited by MAYA NFT SWAP can convert their artworks to NFTs on blockchain and sell them through listing or auction. The whole process is extremely user-friendly. Artists can also get in touch with the diverse GameFi world, experience a brand-new way to publish artworks.

For now, NFT market is in its early stage. The earlier you enter this market and publish your breath-taking digital artworks, the bigger your advantage will be in this novel domain. If you want to take the step and ride the wave of NFT, keep your eyes on MAYA NFT SWAP.