MAYA Entering the Deflation Era, GameFi 2 Monopoly Chain-Game Coming Soon

As the popularity of GameFi continuous to rise, players and communities are joining the scene and pushing the Play to Earn model into the spotlight. MAYA NFT SWAP (, the first NFT ecology on TRON, will officially release their GameFi 2 Monopoly on Nov 29th. It’s the successor to the prevalent 9-Player Treasure Hunting Game and marks the beginning of the deflation era for MAYA.


Monopoly Chain-game is simple and easy to play

According to the CTO of MAYA NFT SWAP, GameFi related products are becoming a dark horse in global gaming market. The player base is continuously growing and taking over in most third-world countries. Chain-games will be simpler and have more focus on bounty and rewards in the foreseeable future as more and more players are getting interested in the Play to Earn model. We designed and developed MAYA Monopoly with the focus of making it easy to play. With the experience and player base from the 9-Player Treasure Hunting Game, MAYA Monopoly will not disappoint our fans!

Third Party Data Ensuring the Fairness of MAYA Monopoly

As a betting lottery game, the winning number comes from EOS blockchain explorer. The last digit of the nearest confirmed block will be used for the result. Our system will retrieve the blocks from target height, exhibit the winning number and players and fulfill all reward settlements automatically. Using the transparent, unalterable and fair natures of blockchain to assure the fair and transparent of MAYA Monopoly.


Monopoly Will Perpetuate the Deflation of MAYA. Further Increasing the Value of MAYA Token

The two existing chain-games will use MAYA token as the only designated token for in-game purchases. 5.1 out of 21 million MAYA tokens have been minted according to open on-chain data. 1.94 million of them have been burned. The release of Monopoly will accelerate the on-chain burning process and the deflation of MAYA.

MAYA GameFi 1 and the 9-player Treasure Hunting game marks the beginning of minting process. Although there are token burning process within the game, it’s an inflation process of MAYA token overall. However, the release of Monopoly is the beginning of deflation and the ecological trend towards a complete closed loop. MAYA forms a regulated economic ecology through the complementary relationship between GameFi 1 and GameFi 2. The economical value of GameFi 2 is far more significant than other chain games.

MAYA NFT SWAP team can adjust the percentage of both games using DAO community governance according to the need of the market. In extreme situations games could be closed to control the absolute amount of MAYA token and changing the market anticipation. Continue to empower MAYA and building the value closed loop. For MAYA owners, the continuous deflation will further increase the value of MAYA by decreasing the circulation.

While investors and players are focusing on complicated designs of GameFi mechanisms, we must always remember the very essence of games are entertainments. Monopoly provides another angle of the significance of GameFi. You can learn and experience the chain-game world from a simple starting point. Stay tuned for the Monopoly!