KOI enters the NFT metaverse, driven by global communities



Despite elaborate terminologies and technical terms, the crypto world is not much different to other capital-dominated start-up businesses. Heavy-weight players control the market against retail investors. However, this seemingly powerless situation is beginning to be challenged, as communities start to gather the power of their private members and grow into new gamers on the table.


A classic example is Axie Infinity, an NFT meta-universe project, which has gone from a mediocre start to a recent explosion driven by a Philippine community Yield Guild Games (YGG). YGG created a gaming economy which included community leaders, game assets lenders, and actual players so that its members could benefit from P2E (play to earn) NFT games.

YGG then issued their own community token. In just 31 seconds after its IDO opened, 25 million YGG tokens were created, with just 32 addresses successfully participating in the purchase, raising a total amount of 12,496,000 USDC, 50 times more than its seed round investment.


We can see the crypto-community concept coins have sprung into the limelight, with the re-awakening of the Metaverse and DeFi concept. Leading exchanges, including Binance, are already eyeing similar projects backed by their private investors, so it is something that cannot be ignored. .

On July 23, the cross-chain DeFi project of a Vietnamese crypto investment community Coin98 Finance, formerly known as Coin98 Community, was listed on Binance. Its price later skyrocketed by 1,200% within an hour.


Things can be very interesting when we watch it from this perspective. The mutual empowerment of a community using the metaverse or DeFi is particularly important in the emergence of community power, which helps to create more complex and tighter connections between community members and the outside world. The variables of demand and supply will be stimulated to form a logical and tightly integrated economic system that will ultimately help communities and their projects “all the way to the moon”.

That’s why KOI was invented, it is a community-driven NFT traffic meta-universe project, to gather together small and medium sized community traffic across the globe, and create higher value for them through NFT, metaverse, and DeFi innovations.


The mission of KOI is to create greater synergy and growth, unifying the power of minor communities and retail investors. It provides a new way of collecting NFT, playing to earn, and exclusive rights sharing for community members, which are applied to a broader and more diversified community relationship and to give members new identities such as gamers, art creators, traders, and miners.


KOI has its own customized NFT card, which includes both the platform’s common cards and community limited cards. Community cards are co-published by KOI and specific communities and are only available through community missions or airdrops. Unlike the traditional NFT cards where the value is primarily determined by the IP, the community cards are given value by the energy of the community itself and generate greater aggregated effectiveness through DeFi, gaming, and other segments offered on the platform.


Each KOI community project has its own unique card elements, such as its privileges, NFT culture, and mining mechanism. In addition to the exclusive benefits from the community itself, card owners will enjoy more information and sharing of rights and benefits, higher mining revenue, and game dividends. These are created through healthy competition and joint cooperation between communities. KOI has already cooperated with a number of active communities globally, integrating resources from different countries, and will soon launch a genesis NFT issuing world tour.


The NFT issuing is just the first step for KOI, it will then introduce NFT sharding, staking and mining, guild gaming, and traffic application tools into the system. The whole platform will be driven by the individual communities, converting community traffic into a system of rewards and achievements that will gain advantages to the community as a whole, so that the community traffic can be directly monetized and delivered back to community members.


As a community-centered project, KOI’s platform governance will introduce the DAO community autonomy model. All small and medium-sized communities on the platform are invited to join in the operation decisions, and to apply for governance nodes in allocating platform benefits. New game features, traffic tools, NFT content, cooperation, and other available programs on the DAO platform will be voted on by community, truly allowing the community and users to decide the best playground for themselves.


KOI will be built on the BSC public chain. The high scalability and security, high throughput capacity, and low transaction fees of the BSC public chain make it ideal for gaming and DeFi applications which require high-frequency trading and a high level of security.


Carrying the expectations and commercial value from millions of small stakeholders, the community-driven crypto economy is undoubtedly a shot in the arm for the current market. KOIs goal is to represent minority groups and bring tangible benefits to their communities.


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