Is NFT a bubble burst? To build a super platform for NFT, SupreNFT’s technology and ecological analysis



Recently, the crypto world has once again ushered in prosperity, with major mainstream currencies rising one after another, and the total market value of cryptocurrencies once returned to above 2 trillion US dollars. The NFT market mirrors the hot cryptocurrency market. Some people began to ask questions: Is NFT ushering in a bubble?


This view comes from the world’s top business magazine “Forbes” (Forbes).


Recently, “Forbes” published an article titled “Has the NFT Bubble Burst?” ”Article, which pointed out that worldwide, NFT sales and token value are declining. The article also quoted NFT artist Beeple’s words: “I do think there will be a bubble, I think we may be in that bubble now.”

Such a view does have its basis, and Beeple’s words are also thought-provoking. But when the tide faded, we knew who was swimming naked. There are a large number of speculators in the hot NFT market, but they cannot completely deny their own value.


As a non-homogeneous token, NFT is an excellent medium from the real world to the world on the chain. NFT will not be short-lived, but will return to its normal development track as the market improves and users calm down-a steadily rising development track.

The cooling of the NFT tide is undoubtedly a fatal blow to many follow-up projects that have gimmicks but do not build the underlying technology and superstructure, but for projects that are committed to the healthy and stable development of the industry, such as SupreNFT, it is indeed an excellent precipitation And development period.


SupreNFT was born in 2021, but its founding team has been deeply involved in the blockchain industry since 2017, and has formed hundreds of thousands of communities and more than 10 million seed users worldwide. It is precisely seeing the dual impact of NFT on the world on the chain and the real world that the founding team of SupreNFT began to enter the NFT track with great concentration.


So how does SupreNFT remain at the forefront even when the storms recede? Today’s article will provide you with detailed answers from both technical and ecological aspects.

  1. Focus on improving scalability, SupreNFT deploys a cross-chain model ahead of time


NFT generates value in a complete chain, and makes the entire market more prosperous through the circulation and superposition of value.


From creation to casting, this is the process of NFT birth; from sale to auction, this is the process of NFT value amplification; from blind box to collection, this is the process of diversifying NFT gameplay. A piece of NFT from the creator to the trading platform to the buyer, this is the first level of circulation; and the NFT that has been bought and sold is sold again due to scarcity or hot spots, this is the second level of NFT circulation; even Can produce three levels, four levels… and so on.


Different from homogenized tokens, investors get the benefits of the overall price increase in frequent transactions of homogenized tokens; while the investment in NFTs is more similar to investment in art or luxury goods, purchases It is not only an item, but also a concept and a story. The market will re-evaluate the value of NFT as the story develops.

Therefore, a high degree of liquidity is essential for the NFT market.

Nowadays, many traditional creators have joined the ranks of NFT creation under the guidance of fashion trends. However, since novices tend to have the illusion of low entry barriers to NFT, they ignore the follow-up problems brought about by cross-chain creation. Although NFT can be used as a real-world mapping, NFT transactions between different blockchains are not as convenient as real-world item exchange. Different blockchains mean different underlying consensus, and you need the help of the platform if you want to shuttle freely among them.


SuprNFT gene has its own cross-chain thinking, based on EVM development, can be quickly deployed on mainstream main chains including ETH, BSC, Heco, etc., and will also be compatible with ZK rollup’s Layer 2 expansion solution. After the implementation of Layer2, SupreNFT’s infrastructure will bring NFT creators, investors, and traders an excellent liquidity with lower gas fees, faster transaction processing speed, and more “seamless” cross-chain. Not only will it empower the experience level, it will also further boost the value flow of NFT on the platform, thereby inspiring a greater value explosion.

  1. Inclusive and diversified integration: SupreNFT promotes global ecological construction


In the chain world, the basis of value is “consensus.”


A strong consensus foundation can help the project go longer and more smoothly. At the same time, the pragmatic, practical and promising goal will also further build consensus and feed back the further expansion of the project ecology. The virtuous circle of ecological expansion, value flow, and user participation will jointly push the project into the fast lane of growth.


For SupreNFT, in addition to the 10 million global seed users mentioned above, its global ecological construction in fashion, art, technology and entertainment is also constantly attracting new users to join.


We can see a lot about SupreNFT’s efforts in the field of art and fashion. Today, we will focus on how SupreNFT is deployed in the technology and entertainment sectors.


Technology sector: Reached a strategic cooperation with EOS-X Space to allow NFT to enter the space. As the world’s fourth largest commercial manned aviation project, EOX-X Scape is committed to providing inclusive and equal access to space for people with space dreams around the world through technological innovation and comfortable experience. This is consistent with SupreNFT’s belief that NFTs should be more affinity and closeness. The emergence of SupreNFT is to allow more people to participate in NFT transactions and benefit from it.


The unanimity of goals drove two seemingly unrelated projects to reach a strategic partnership.


In the future, when the EOS-X manned spacecraft is launched, the NFT spaceship ticket provided by SupreNFT will be the only voucher to help people realize their dream of space travel. At the same time, after the trip, combined with the NFT’s own gameplay and characteristics, the EOS-X spaceship ticket NFT will once again bring value and benefits to the owner through various methods such as auction, blind box, collection, and repurchase.


Entertainment section: reached a strategic cooperation with Color Planet, so that star IP can be directly mapped into NFT, paving the way for the meta universe. Color Planet is a listed company on the US stock market and has unique advantages in online education, star IP, and film and television entertainment. In the entertainment section where NFT is the most widely used, SupreNFT has joined hands with Color Planet because of its mature and dense global communication network, as well as heavy and rich celebrity IP resources-these are the meta-universes that SupreNFT is expected to build An important part of it.


At the moment when the concept of meta universe is hot, SupreNFT incorporated it into the ecological construction at the beginning of the project. It can be said that all ecological construction at this stage is to welcome a real virtual space meta-universe.


In the meta-universe, “human” is the core and most fundamental change factor, and is no longer as a bystander in the virtual world-the meta-universe has given everyone a new digital identity to “inhabit” and “live” in the meta-universe , The actual life experience in the virtual world has also become an important issue considered by the project.


SupreNFT joins hands with Color Planet, which can quickly transform its rich audio-visual entertainment resources into NFT and become the raw material for the life experience of the meta universe. More than that, the rich personal IPs of celebrities on the platform will also be the focus of creation. With reference to the virtual concert held in the game “Fortress Night”, SupreNFT will provide more visual and auditory feasts for the celebrity and the residents of the meta-universe for the personal IP of the star, whether it is a virtual concert or The production of virtual albums, drama series, or the fan meeting of the meta universe, etc., all fanciful imaginations will become reality.

  1. Conclusion


The NFT track is ushering in a period of adjustment, and for projects like SupreNFT dedicated to building a multi-integrated super NFT platform, it is also ushering in an important period of accumulation and development. As the fluency of SupreNFT’s underlying technology and the diversity of ecological construction are continuously confirmed, the value of SupreNFT itself will be further stimulated, opening up new value upgrade channels for the majority of ecological users and investors.