If the sex industry of the Netherlands is matched with the playing methods of cryptocurrency, will PBC be the land beyond law?

Most people firstly knew the Netherlands from the film Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino. In the film, the hero Vincent just returned to the United States from the Netherlands. While talking with his partner Jules, Vincent mentioned what he saw and heard in Europe. What amazed him most was that marijuana is legal in the Netherlands.

This description impressed a lot of people deeply. In the Netherlands, marijuana is legal and can be found in bar shops in the streets and lanes. In addition, there are various derivatives such as tobacco shreds, biscuits and cakes for selection.

In the meantime, the Dutch are world-renowned for sexual openness. A lot of visitors enjoy themselves so much as to forget to leave due to the window shows in the red-light district in Amsterdam. However, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 messed up everything. At the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 broke out in Europe and seriously hit the tourism industry of the Netherlands. Related practitioners whined about the blockade policy since mid-March this year. A lot of bar shops and sex shops were closed under pressure. However, little chips light great fires. Some people see an opportunity in the disaster. As the physical stores were closed due to anti-epidemic measures, related call websites have boomed. Recently, a lot of European men observed that there is a head portrait of gentleman rabbit on the right corner of the introduction column on DXVA, one of the largest online call-girl websites in Europe. The head portrait will show the characters of PBC when the mouse touches it, while the head portrait shows no reaction when the mouse clicked it. It turns out that a group of Dutch geeks tried to bind cryptocurrency MEME playing method to the real-world means of payment of a specific industry. The gentleman rabbit on the right corner of the introduction column represents the acceptance of PBC payment.

What’s PBC? You can find the official Twitter account of PBC by entering PBCplayboy into Twitter. According to the introduction on Twitter and its official website, PBC is playboy coin for short as a cryptocurrency on BSC chain in the phase of pre-sales. Its original operation mechanism is that every transaction will burn 15% including 1% for the websites supporting PBC payment and bar shops (Some bar shops also support PBC payment) and the remaining for currency holders who do not trade within 24 hours according to the proportion of currencies held in total currencies except 3% directly burnt for “the reservoir”. Besides, PBC team plans to develop a set of game hub based on PBC, featuring chess, card and lottery. According to the introduction on Twitter, the team will release the football lottery of 2022 World Cup qualifiers at the beginning of September.

However, as ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is brought into the scope of supervision in Singapore and the United States, the wave of compliance supervision has reached Europe. The European Parliament is discussing the supervision of cryptocurrency. In addition, gambling, marijuana and sex industries are banned or controlled by law over the rest of the world. The physical application of PBC tokens is limited to the Netherlands and several European countries. Due to the natural property, its lottery dapp is worthy of the wait. However, legislation in various countries obviously warns that the currency circle is not the land beyond law. It remains to be seen how PBC goes further by getting rid of original sin.

PBC Website:https://playboy.bestnftmaker.com/