I told them not to do this I am in a relationship

I told them not to do this I am in a relationship

She wanted to wait until marriage to have sex and I really pushed for us to have sex, but if I was to go back in time I would’ve never rushed her because it truly became the downfall of our relationship

My girlfriend’s friend and her friend’s roommate kisses me. Then I told all this to my girlfriend. But then those girls put sexual ligation on me, which are not true. And now my girlfriend don’t trust me. I confessed everything, the truth. But nothing is working. Its being 1 month now after breakup. Both those girls are happily living and my girlfriend is also too happy after the breakup. But I am not. I love her. I told her I loved her so much and those ligation are wrong. I deserve a chance to prove myself that I am not that type of a guy. But she is not listening and hate me like hell.

There could have been an ulterior motive for them making advances on you and then turning around later on to twist the story. If these are the friends your ex is close with, bear in mind that even if you win her back, you’ll still have to face them and risk running into more issues down the road.

Hey guys, I really messed up with the love of my life. We started dating during my senior year of high school. I loved this girl to death and everything was so good. I did not want to hurt my girl who was back at home and I started to go into a depression. Many months later I told her and she was happy I told her but suspicious of the fact that I told her later on. Then she saw our text messages while I was asleep which were also bad. Now a month ago we got into a huge argument and everything ended and she told me its over and it was the last straw. Anything I can do to get her back? She ignored my long texts and emails. I just initiated NC and she looks so sad whenever I see her on campus and I really just want to fix everything.

Give her some space to cool off and to let go of the negative emotions she may be feeling towards you, before attempting to contact her again to apologize and follow the guidelines found within this article. Alternatively, you could refer to this article on what to do after no contact has ended.

I ended up going to university and then almost had sex with another girl but I told her to leave but we still kissed

So I cheated on my gf (kissed another girl) but I couldn’t bring my self to tell her. I waited 2 months and couldn’t do it still. I then decided to break up with her. She kept asking why and I finally caved and told her I cheated. She said if we talked it out before it woulda been better but now we broke up. portugisiska fru We text every day still but she gets angry at little things and isn’t the same. I was really needy and she felt I was pushing for a decision too fast so I’m trying to not do that now. She said she wanted to work with me to fix things but I just can’t get her to hang out with me. I just started the no talking period today but I’m not sure what I should do after a week of not talking or if I should do the no talking period.