Focus on ETH value expansion Ethbread accelerates ecological landing

Network congestion and high gas fees have always been two important factors that have been criticized by Ethereum. In order to improve user experience, it is imminent to promote efficient and safe expansion of Ethereum. At present, there are two mainstream expansion solutions. The first is the expansion in the direction of Layer 1, which is mainly to improve the throughput of the Ethereum blockchain through sharding and PoS mechanisms, thereby improving efficiency; the second is The expansion in the direction of Layer 2 is to build a two-layer network on Ethereum or other public chains to increase transaction speed.

Ethbread has been actively looking for a solution to the scalability of Ethereum. After the full research and development of the technical team, it has determined a cross-chain expansion route that combines on-chain and off-chain expansion. After testing, Ethbread’s Ethereum cross-chain expansion solution is the most secure expansion solution with a wide range of application scenarios.

The advantage of Ethbread lies in its general computing. Compared with other expansion solutions that are limited to specific application scenarios (payment, transaction), on Ethbread, almost anything that can be realized in Ethereum can be equally realized, including the composability of DeFi smart contracts sex. By introducing zero-knowledge proof technology, Ethbread can perform all calculations in batches under the chain, and only need to submit a zero-knowledge proof to Ethereum for verification (Ethereum will verify these proofs), and store enough data to accurately judge the off-chain The state of the account, which has Ethereum-level security.

Ethbread cross-chain smart contracts are decentralized applications consisting of multiple smart contracts deployed on different blockchain networks. Ethbread smart contracts can achieve interoperability and together form a complete application. Ethbread’s innovative design paradigm has played a key role in promoting the development of multi-chain ecology, and will have the potential to use the unique advantages of different blockchains, side chain Layer1 and layer 2 networks to create new smart contract use cases. Therefore, Ethbread can easily build a complete ecosystem of cross-chain revenue aggregation, cross-chain DeFi, cross-chain DAO, cross-chain NFT, SocialFi, decentralized browser and decentralized wallet.

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Ethbread issued a total of 10 million ETB tokens. As Ethbread’s only platform token, ETB is the most important part of Ethbread’s cross-chain expansion plan. The birth of ETB successfully solved the problem of isolated islands in the blockchain, allowing every user to participate in the development of the platform and jointly build the Ethbread cross-chain ecosystem. The ETB pass will realize the value intercommunication, user intercommunication, and scene application interoperability value system of the blockchain.

At present, the Ethbread project is about to start, and the ETB ecology is accelerating its implementation. It is reported that Ethbread has completed the application of decentralized wallet and SocialFi. In terms of community expansion, the source node and consensus node recruitment plans have also been sold out, and the Ethbread Community PLAN consular plan is in full swing. Focusing on the value expansion of ETH, the Ethbread super public chain is committed to linking each blockchain to establish a truly open, transparent, inclusive, fast and secure decentralized world.