DOTPAD will launch pancakeswap soon to start trading

DOTPad is the first decentralized IDO platform of the Polkadot network. DOTPad will give cryptocurrency projects the ability to distribute tokens and increase liquidity. DOTPad empowers investors and allows cryptocurrency project creators to provide token sales for the upcoming DeFi cryptocurrency. DOTPad has found a solution to motivate and reward all token holders in an inclusive and low barrier to entry way. DOTPad displays a fixed level system based on the number of tokens held, and holders can get a corresponding share on the platform.
DOTPAD has penetrated 50% of the tokens into a black hole, 35% of which has built a liquid mining pool. The platform has not conducted public or private placements. The team only reserves 1%, which is locked for three years, and will be released linearly on a quarterly basis. With the built-in anti-whale model, more than 1% of the total issuance will not be able to be traded, which fundamentally eliminates the monopoly of big players. A 10% tax is levied on each transaction, which is divided into three ways to feed back. 4% of the fee is added to the liquidity pool, 4% is redistributed to DOTPAD holders, and 2% is distributed to all DOTPAD holders. The destruction address is also the holder, so every transaction helps reduce supply. DOTPAD has a unique dual reward and deflation mechanism, which makes it easier for holders to earn.
Next, DOTPAD’s technological innovation and ecological development will bring more surprises to community members.