Dogecoin Sees Uptick After Elon Musk Tweet Supporting Fee-Change Proposal

Elon Musk’s tweeted support for a proposal to change dogecoin’s fee structure was followed by an uptick in the price of the meme-based crypto.

  • The Tesla founder said it is important to support a reduction in DOGE transaction fees.
  • His tweet was in response to a proposal by dogecoin developer Patrick Lodder to reduce fees to 0.01 DOGE in order for the crypto to remain competitive.
  • The current recommended fee of 1 DOGE has “become steep for the perceived value of transacting dogecoin,” and is “disincentivizing on-chain transactions unnecessarily,” Lodder wrote on GitHub, a website where software developers share codes, development tools and ideas.
  • Lodder argues that whereas DOGE transactions used to be 10 times cheaper than litecoin’s, they are now nearly five times more expensive.
  • DOGE’s price subsequently rallied to above $0.26. It has since pulled back, sitting at $0.256 at press time.
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