Deepen NFT financial application ONE PIECE layout Metaverse track

In 2022, the layout of Web3.0’s most popular track is also deepening, and it is continuing to contribute to the growth of assets and users in the blockchain industry. With this trend, more and more traditional companies have begun to participate in this emerging industry, including Ubisoft, French Voodoo, American Zynga and South Korean NCSoft, etc., and have successively released plans to enter GameFi.

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ONE PIECE is a decentralized metaverse network that combines animation and blockchain computing power based on the underlying core technology of Web3.0, reshapes the computing power market in the form of NFT, and realizes the metaverse ecology of DEFI+animation NFT+GameFi. ONE PIECE will provide more high-quality content supply for the entire blockchain industry and lay a solid foundation for the continued growth of users.

ONE PIECE redefines the underlying NFT protocol, adopts NFT digital asset verification technology, and links NFT and computing assets. With the development of ONE PIECE, the ecological scope of ONE PIECE will cover many fields such as finance, games, art, supply chain, and traceability. Among the different types of decentralized applications, DeFi, chain games and supply chains have gradually matured, with the highest degree of commercialization. ONE PIECE will adhere to the positioning of the next-generation game digital economy platform and embrace the current blockchain metaverse ecology.

ONE PIECE Ecological Plate

ONE PIECE focuses on GameFi’s NFT aggregation market, and will integrate with the ONE PIECE metaverse ecology in the future. Combining four major sectors, including the first phase of the most important NFT computing power sector Great Channel, Red Earth Continent focusing on LP liquidity supply, and GameFi game zone no wind game belt aggregator, as well as the future launch of the decentralized mall Open Seas trade area.

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First of all, the financialization of NFT is the core and beginning of ONE PIECE. Our founder team is a senior game player and NFT collector. We found that NFT has shortcomings in circulation and realization. By transforming ONE PIECE to integrate more diverse gameplay of DeFi, the excellent economic model empowers NFT applications. ONE PIECE also sees the new vitality brought by the transformation of many chain games in Gamefi 1.0 to traditional games. ONE PIECE hopes to become the “Steam” in the metaverse. In the future, 3A game masterpieces will provide online experience for everyone, and players will receive P2E token rewards in the GameFi ecosystem. ONE PIECE is more focused on the financialization of NFT assets, which we are good at, and has multiple application scenarios such as blind boxes, computing power mining, pledge lending, etc., to create a new Gamefi 2.0 ecosystem.

ONE PIECE token model

ONE PIECE’s first token OPC is issued based on the BSC Binance Smart Chain, with a total supply of 1.08 million. Players can extract characters with different combat power bonuses by purchasing NFT blind boxes of different levels of ONE PIECE, and then participate in the application of major sectors in ONE PIECE’s ecological platform through NFT characters to obtain OPC token rewards. OPC token is a metaverse asset jointly defined by the ONE PIECE community, which can unlock a variety of GameFi application scenarios to build P2E platform ecological scenarios. OPC is the underlying economy of ONE PIECE, powered by a sustainable token economic system.

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ONE PIECE uses the NFT blind box as the “ticket”, and 80% of the USDT used to buy NFT is exchanged for OPC tokens in real time. This part of OPC comes from the secondary market, and the cycle goes back and forth, which strengthens the circulation and exchange of the secondary market. At the same time, the real-time real-time amount used to purchase NFT will be destroyed, and the destroyed tokens will be completely withdrawn from circulation, which will increase the purchase pressure of OPC and encourage investors to retain assets. Under the conversion deflation mechanism, 1.08 million OPC tokens will be issued initially, and 10,000 OPC tokens will be left in the final deflation.

In order to accelerate the rapid growth of the ONE PIECE community, ONE PIECE has designed the One Piece Rewards Program. Joining ONE PIECE can build your own army, start a great goal voyage, and jointly achieve the value of the OPC ecological token, thereby bringing a steady stream of benefits!

ONE PIECE provides infinite possibilities for exploring the metaverse through the ecological layout of DeFi + GameFi + commerce, and subverts the existing content and value sharing model to create and share with the community. ONE PIECE builds a first-class comprehensive NFT asset ecosystem to promote NFT independent value creation, value confirmation, and value exchange, so that creativity and value can flourish in the community again.