DAP Group launches Thai mining machine production line

It is reported that DAP, a Cyprus-listed group that focuses on asset digitization, will launch a specialized mining machine production line in Thailand. Affected by the earlier surge in hard disk prices in the Asia-Pacific region, especially in China, and subsequent fluctuations, DAP Group decided to start the mining machine production line in Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor where the chip industry has basically formed an industrial chain. With reference to companies such as Bitmain, the valuation of the mining machinery industry in the capital market is relatively clear, which will have a positive impact on the future share price of DAP Group. At that time, professional mining machines of RCH, CHIA, UAV, and BZZ can be directly purchased from hard disk and chip manufacturers in Thailand for production. Affected by the tariff policy, manufacturers such as Western Digital and Seagate have increased their investment in Thailand. At present, two 1600㎡ standard professional mines under Real Chain Hash Management Co., LTD will be able to provide one-stop hosting and operation and maintenance services for Thai mining machines. In addition, DAP Group stated that the emergence and industrialization of a new type of green and low-energy public chain will help promote the transformation of blockchain to green energy, which will help the digitization of assets and the popularization of data assetization.


Western Digital Factory

According to industry insiders, Thailand’s comprehensive digital asset bill framework may be one of the recent choices for mining companies that are affected by mainland China’s policies to go overseas. However, Thailand’s electricity prices do not have a competitive advantage, and high-energy-consuming mining machines such as BTC and ETH will still choose Canada and Central Asia.