CAPVERSE Closed Beta Test Will Start on Mar. 21

BLISSFUL LINK, a game development and operation company from Hong Kong, has announced that its first social blockchain mobile game “Capverse” will start the first closed beta test on March 21st.

Capverse is a game that focuses on raising and battling digital pets (Sumer) in a star civilization background. Players can participate in pet battles, summon new Sumers, and initiate game asset transactions in the marketplace.

Sumer has 9 races, each with 6 skill slots and 4 attribute values. Each team requires 3 Sumers, and different Sumers can be combined to create a myriad of team configurations. Newborn Sumers require a 3-day crystallization period to reach their full form before entering battle. The game offers two battle modes, namely PVE adventure mode and PVP arena mode, and after a certain stage of operation, a global open championship will also be launched.

Unlike traditional mobile games, Capverse is compatible with both Web2 user traffic and Web3 issuance. It supports players to use their email to register and log into the game, reducing the entry threshold for 3 billion traditional game players. Meanwhile, with the help of blockchain technology and NFTs, game assets are entirely owned by players and have real value independent of the game platform. Capverse plans to launch a DAO community governance plan in the future, allowing players to participate in game operations through blockchain voting.

Simple and interesting gameplay, fair and transparent game mechanisms, and a game economic model based on NFTs allow game players to become game owners, standing on the same side as game developers and operators.

Also, the Hong Kong Financial and Treasury Bureau issued the “Policy Statement on Virtual Asset Development in Hong Kong” on October 31, 2022, marking the vigorous development of the blockchain industry in a compliant background. This may release the true potential of blockchain games.

Capverse will begin its closed beta on 21st March with 10,000 players only. Players will apply and download the mobile APP via the website

Currently, Capverse only provides an Android version, and the iOS version will be available in the near future.

BLISSFUL LINK is a game development and operating company headquartered in Hong Kong, whose core members come from professional game companies and top Internet technology enterprises. It has established deep strategic cooperation relationships with three Hong Kong listed companies, including COOL LINK (HOLDINGS) LIMITED (HK 08491). Additionally, Wemade, the game production company for the “Legend” series, has provided comprehensive technical support for Capverse development.

BLISSFUL LINK will provide players with unprecedented high-quality gaming experience through subversion and transcendence in social, gameplay, graphics, operations, and technology.