Boil it up! The battle of the quadratic element breakthrough! — — ANIMETA

Globally, there is that one amazing nation that has conquered the world through anime.In comic books and on screen, this nation is embodied with a series of traits such as hot-bloodedness, middle-agedness, bravery, fighting, and dreaming. With the passage of time, the hit “Doraemon”, “Naruto”, “King of Thieves”, “Dragon Ball”, and “Ultraman”, has become an indelible memory in the mind of the post-90s. To this day, the spirit of a struggle hidden in the anime still inspires anime fans.


Up to now, 60% of the world’s anime works come from Japan. In Japan’s economy, the total size of the anime industry market has reached more than 2 trillion yen, accounting for more than ten percentage points of Japan’s GDP, and has become the third largest industry in Japan. However, being affected by Japan’s national conditions, the new crown epidemic, and the shortage of talent is to make the Japanese animation enterprises worse. According to statistics, the proportion of Japanese animation production companies that lost money was 39.8%, up 0.9 percentage points from the previous year, and the loss ratio set a new record high.

In the post-epidemic era, the secondary world needs to “grow wild”

With the progress of technology, the Japanese anime market has also launched a new exploration, with the support of AR/VR and 3D technology, anime products such as “Hatsune Miku” have refreshed the world’s perception of anime. In 2021, the emergence of blockchain NFT non-homogeneous pass provides a new opportunity for the development of the world’s cultural industry. Thus, ANIMETA — the NFT trading platform focusing on the anime market was born. ANIMETA is committed to breaking the inherent confinement of the anime industry, providing a fair and impartial creation trading platform for every creator under the influence of blockchain technology, and bringing the development of the secondary market a “wild growth”.


ANIMETA — Creating an NFT trading platform with a sense of belonging

In “2022 Decoding Generation Z”, it is written that “they pursue independence and individual expression, yet have a unified cultural consensus; they are exquisite and frugal, yet splurge on their ideal hobbies; they are a generation that is easily seeded, yet at the same time creating and leading trends …… is called ‘the most divided generation in history.

For today’s Japanese anime creators and secondary fans, a platform for an immersive experience of anime creation and sharing is of great significance. As a generation that grew up together with the Internet, creators in the subculture circle have a unique sense of loneliness in this era. Only in a specific belonging platform can they be more immersed in it, feel the unique frenzied atmosphere of the second generation, seek empathy and identity from their fellow fans, gain a sense of existence, belonging, and identity, and achieve emotional communion.

Metaverse, a synonym for immersion in the Web 3.0 era, ANIMETA takes NFT as an entry point to build an animation metaverse, linking the upstream and downstream of the traditional animation industry, thus building a platform for outstanding animation creators with works on the chain, open trading, and derivatives-related markets as the core. By breaking the boundaries of space through the interactive experience of virtual and real integration, the connection between creators and ANIMETA can be established quickly.

ANIMETA — Platform Advantages

Create an open anime NFT market

ANIMETA NFT trading platform is committed to building NFT anime ecology. Construct an NFT trading platform for anime IP with blockchain technology. It provides creators with anime information traceability, copyright protection, and accurate marketing to build a fast and efficient collection of development aggregated edge benefits.

In the ecology of ANIMETA, everyone can participate in the creation and everyone can invest in works. Creators can set pricing and trading methods for their jobs through ANIMETA in order to obtain fair benefits.

All-scene aggregated NFT platform

ANIMETA is positioned as an open, aggregated platform for the creation, circulation, storage, and trading of anime NFT assets. It contains the circulation of NFT works such as pictures, videos, and audio related to various well-known anime IPs or stars. By aggregating IP and various derivatives of the anime industry for NFT output, and safeguarding the value of IP through a unique scarcity and value preservation contract mechanism.

ANIMETA — the future of the secondary world

On the road to metaverse development, the secondary world has inherent advantages in terms of character construction or background worldview. In the future, ANIMETA, with the advantage of its own platform for anime creators, will continue to sign popular anime IPs and will open a unique path of metaverse creation. Through the virtualization of anime IP characters and the entertainment of game backgrounds, ANIMETA will connect global anime fans and creators, and promote the innovative evolution of the digital pan-culture industry.