Alchemy Expands Free Tier in Bid to Attract More Blockchain Developers to Platform

Crypto back-end firm Alchemy is expanding its free services in an attempt to woo more coders into the blockchain development space.

The infrastructure startup, which helps crypto companies read and write data from blockchains, said the move is designed to make it easier for up-and-coming developers to gain a footing, whether they are building decentralized finance (DeFi) portals or non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces. 

Paul Almasi, head of growth for Alchemy, said projects should be able to “unfold at a higher velocity” with more easy access to developer services.

In the long term, those free-tier customers could end up growing, and paying Alchemy, for more. That’s what happened with early clients OpenSea and CryptoPunks, Alchemy said in a press release. 

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The firm said on-platform developer activity increased 500% in the months following its last free-tier expansion in January. The new increase, which is substantially larger, is expected to juice activity further.