AIFOX Charity Enters Colombia to Build a Harmonious Home for Human Beings

At present, the new crown pneumonia virus is still raging around the world. According to real-time statistics, it has infected 600 million people and killed more than 6.51 million people around the world. In the face of the epidemic, no one can stay out of it. Affected by the international epidemic, unemployment and soaring prices, coupled with repeated natural disasters and the tense global international situation, have made the already poor life of some countries even worse.

In Colombia, South America, some people can only eat one meal a day, there are long queues in front of gas stations, banks, and shops, and the prices of food in supermarkets are prohibitive. Even the traditional middle-income class such as civil servants, doctors and teachers in the capital cannot support their families on a single salary, let alone other poor people in other areas. Moreover, nearly 90% of Colombian infants suffer from malnutrition and stunting.

A few days ago, a charity action organized by colleagues from AIFOX South America and social caring people was carried out locally in Provincial Hills and Simon Bolivar.

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AIFOX convened a total of 210 volunteers to participate in this charity action. They visited several villages and districts, and sent clothes, food and love gifts to the local poor, homeless, women and children to ease their temporary difficulties and ensure their safety. basic survival needs.

Suffering never seems to distinguish between nationalities, but mercy and kindness have no nationalities and will always be there. Among the families in need that AIFOX assisted this time, there are a family of three who are unemployed due to the epidemic and take two or three days to eat a meal; there are the homeless elderly and the homeless; Treated patients…

And children who have lived in misery since childhood, while experiencing the ups and downs of life, have been immersed in the strength and greatness of their relatives, and can also feel the warmth and kindness from the international community.

In the face of disaster and hardship, only warmth can penetrate prejudice, and only kindness can break the shackles.

Following this charity event, AIFOX will successively recruit volunteers from all over the world to carry out charitable activities with its own efforts, to contribute to the poor people in the world, and to build a community of shared future for mankind.