About the latest progress of the Swarm/Nbzz project

On August 3, the Swarm/official technical team Leet Squad announced that it has developed an official plug-in communication protocol, i.e. Swarm/Nbzz based on the Swarm network, which is used to supplement and improve the incentive model of the Swarm network. And on August 13th, it started the testnet and airdropped the test nodes. We confirmed this news and the paraphrase and rough interpretation of the official information is as following:

1. Swarm/Nbzz is an extension plug-in project built based on the Swarm network that completely follows the interface specification of Swarm application program. And they two are independent and compatible, so it is not necessary to worry about conflicts with the Swarm network itself.

2. Based on the economic model of the project released by the technical team, Swarm/Nbzz nodes communicate and verify through the Swarm network, and can obtain online time rewards in addition to the rewards of Swarm itself, and the reward token is Nbzz. To be simple, as long as the Swarm node is kept online, the machine performance of the nodes meets the minimum requirements, and mining can be realized by pledging a certain amount of Nbzz.

3. According to the official token distribution model, we find that the total issuance of Nbzz is the same as that of Bzz, which is 62.5 million without any pre-mining and private placement, in which, 98% of which is produced through mining, 1% is used for public placement, 0.5% is used for airdrop rewards of test node, and 0.5% is used for ecological development of the technical team.

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Regarding the testnet airdrop rewards that everyone is very concerned about, we have also collected the information released by the official technical team as follows:

1. The Swarm/Nbzz testnet will be launched on August 13th. After testing the net, token airdrop rewards will be issued to the test nodes, and the total number of rewards is 180,000 nbzzs.

2. The test is carried out on the Goerli network (same as Swarm). If the block height reaches 5,311,260 and the number of Swarm nodes connected to the test network reaches 5000, the test airdrop reward will be started;

3. Swarm/Nbzz releases block once for every 64 block heights on Goerli network. During the test period, the total number of explosion blocks is 600. The reward of 300 gnbzzs will be obtained for each explosion block, and the reward is distributed to 256 addresses, and each address can receive 1.171878 gnbzzs as rewards;

4. The testnet airdrop rewards will be 1:1 mapped or distributed to the Nbzz node pledge account within 72 hours after the test. And the Nbzz airdrop tokens issued can be used as node pledge tokens, and the unlocking period is 90 days.

The latest information about Swarm compiled by our team is mentioned as above, and we will always follow the progress of the Swarm/Nbzz project, and strive to provide timely and accurate information to all friends who follow the Swarm project in the first time.

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